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pig personality test ~ what does your pig look like?

Posted Oct 18 2011 4:22pm

One night, my husband came home from work, told me to take out a blank piece of paper, and draw a pig.

No other directions…just draw a pig.

Ok….I’m no artist but I drew a pig to the best of my ability. And I’ll admit…I had fun drawing my pig!

As I sat back to admire my work and eagerly looked to my husband to do the same…I asked, “Why a pig?”.

(Such scintillating conversation in our household…)

personality test ~ my pig is happy!

As it turns out, you can tell a bit about a person’s personality by how they draw a pig.

Intrigued? Take the Pig Personality Test for yourself (without copying my pig!) and see what it says about you!

Did you learn anything new? Are you at least happy with how you drew your pig’s tail (if you drew one)?

peace, jen

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