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Pictures from the Week

Posted Oct 30 2012 1:27pm
Heyy my lovies! I thought I’d just drop by and say hello because well..okay, I’m trying everything possible not to be doing any uni work or studying for my driving theory which is not going too well! It’s kinda stopping me from doing my practical test at the moment which I am ready for. I need a kick up the butt, seriously.

So umm what have I been up to? Does anyone else just look through the photos they’ve taken over the course of the week and see how it makes them who they are and how they live? Maybe just me but my photos just say ‘Nicky’ all over them haha!

So you won’t be surprised to know that this is occurring every evening at the moment…

Well, it is kabocha season afterall. Might as well make the most of it! I have been getting a few questions about how I prepare my squash recently. Well here’s kinda how. I use the biggest knife I have (I think it’s supposed to be for meat!) and use a bit of arm strength from weight training and it looks kinda like this :) I’m not such a big fan of the skin all the time so I cut it off but you can keep it on if you choose.

I’ve got into a..not a rut as such..but I’ve been having this dinner repeatedly throughout the week because it’s just what I crave right now. Not a problem in my books..I can eat what I want, when I want thanks :) Oh and that would be kabocha, quorn fillets cooked in curry spices and broccoli with coconut oil and garlic mmmm :)

This would happen quite a few times a day…berries and greek yogurt with pumpkin spice (that I got from NYC!). I’m trying to up my protein big style as well as my protein shake to go with my strength training and I’m already seeing gains in my first week! Feels amazing and my core is getting stronger too woooh!

Also started adding this back into my diet to add protein again but also with added B12 for muscle recovery ;) I used to hate the taste of nutritional yeast a year ago but it has definitely grown on me! Particularly good mixed into salsa I’ll have you know. Oh and check out how much better things look with my new camera haha!

And speaking of all this strength training, I got myself some sexy new gloves! ;) Anyone who does weights will know how it can make your hands hurt and get these lovely patches where the weights have rubbed your skin…given that I have sensitive skin anyway this just wrecked my hands after a day so I got myself some gloves and they work a treat!…as well as showing all the guys you mean business ;)

As per usual, raw food makes an appearance everyday and normally keeps me going through my monotonous uni work…

And on a final and totally random note..I was kind of shocked to already see Christmas lights up in Newcastle this weekend! I mean, we’ve not had Halloween quite yet crikey! I am excited for Christmas of course…it’s just the whole stress of present buying coming up arggh!

Nutritional yeast? Yay or nay?

Are you excited for Christmas or filled with dread over present buying?

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