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Photography Challenge Day 17

Posted Oct 17 2011 11:31pm


Photo Taken October 15, 2011.

This post is part of the October  30 Day Photography Challenge

I finally gave into the inevitable new television purchase.

I swear I’ve been hearing Matt talk about buying a new TV for the past 4 years, mere months after he bought a both substantial and adequate 32” television that has been our only TV since we’ve been married.

I remember that time vividly because my husband-to-be, future brother-in-law, and my dad spent ample time talking about television technology because all three of them were buying a new TV at the same time.

What is it with men and TVs?

We’re without cable or satellite or even an antenna, so we hardly watch it in the first place.

Occasionally Matt plays a video game on it. Every once in a while we put in a Planet Earth DVD and fall asleep within minutes of hearing David Attenborough’s voice (seriously, those videos are more powerful than horse tranquilizer). That’s pretty much it.

But, we got a new TV anyway.

I’m indifferent to the new addition to the Menzie household, to be honest, but I’m happy that Matt is happy about it.

He spends a lot of time researching TVs, knows a tonne, and could pretty much trump the knowledge of any of the staff at Future Shop or Best Buy. Contrarily, I know nothing.

Regardless, he asked for my input on the television that he picked out and has had his heart set on for quite some time now. All I could tell him was, “Pick one that you really love and one that you could see yourself still spending time with 10 years in the future.” Much like picking a new car or a future bride.

(Yes, you might be thinking “10 years is an eternity in the world of electronics!” but I’m a commitment type and am in a long term relationship with all my major appliances).

So we brought home the new television on Saturday afternoon in a hasty shopping spree between groceries and a birthday dinner for my father-in-law. We set it up at midnight that night to have it ready for NFL Sunday. Today Matt also hooked up a new antenna to it so that we can watch actual television without having to stream it online.

I tested it out tonight by watching Being Erica on CBC. I have to admit that the picture was very clear and a nice change from my 15” laptop screen.

In an attempt to prove that this new purchase is in no way going to effect my weeknight habits of baking, reading, and doing yoga (which are all, admittedly, out of boredom from not having any mind-numbing prime time television to watch) I baked a batch of cookies, read 3 chapters of a book, and right now I fully intend to do savasana in bed.

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