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Photo Shoot & Modeling Photos

Posted May 22 2010 12:35pm
Hi Friends!  I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  As I have been promising, here are the Photos from my Photo Shoot .   It was so much fun and I felt so special and I like to think of it a Mother's Day and Anniversary Gift rolled together, too.  I would encourage anyone to have professional photos taken!  It was such a fun experience!

I mentioned in this post about Why I Did the Photo Shoot?  In a nutshell, I have never had professional photos taken and being that I am only 2 weeks away from my Fitness Competition , I thought that now was the perfect time to showcase where I've come with my fitness, my physique, and sometimes you do things, Just Because....And this was one of those things.   

I want to thank my Photographer, Stacia of MoxieMae Photography for helping me not only have a blast doing the shoot, but she also captured beautiful images that I will treasure for a lifetime.  If anyone in Arizona (or California because she goes there from time to time) needs a Photographer, I cannot say enough amazing things about Stacia and her work!

Regarding the images, this is my Disclaimer so to speak.  As I mentioned here , my new attitude on the blog is if you don't like it, don't read it.  There are plenty of other blogs that may be more "safe" and less edgy than mine, and if those are more your speed than my blog is, great!  But Please Don't leave hate mail, snarky comments, judgmental sentiments, or a trail of rudeness behind you on my blogJust Click Off and Don't Comment.  And if you have to start your comment off with the following, "I Hope You Don't Take Offense, But...." or "I hope you don't mind if I ask you a personal question...." Then, I likely will take offense and you shouldn't write it or ask.  

I am very proud of my pictures because I have worked extremely hard sculpting my physique, not only through exercise, but through a lifetime of healthy dietary choices that work for me and my needs. 

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I believe my photos show that you can be a 30something, a mother, and still look good.  Aging and having a baby is not the "kiss of death" that mainstream media would like us to believe it is.  I want women everywhere to celebrate your beauty, inside and out.  Let your inner free-spirit out.  As long as you see yourself as beautiful and worth celebrating, everyone else will too!  The modeling agency I signed with gave two thumbs up to the photos, too!

Some of the Shots are Artsy and Fun while others are more Serious.  Here are a Some of My Favorites.
















1.  Have you ever had professional photos taken?  What was the occasion?  Were you pleased with the way they turned out?  Are you glad you did it?   If you haven't ever had photos taken, why not?
As I mentioned, I have never had professional photos taken.  We didn't have engagement pictures taken, we had a $199 wedding in Las Vegas and were handed a 24-exposure Kodak disposable camera of shots that were snapped during our 5-minute ceremony.  Definitely not professional grade photos.  I wish I had done professional pregnancy photos, but didn't.  So, no time like the present to finally do them!  I wished I would have done something like this years ago!  Have you ever had professional pictures taken?  If you have any of them posted anywhere, leave a link, I'd love to see them.

2. Do you see the human body as a work of art?  Do you find the human body and form beautiful?
I think of all the classic artists from hundreds of years ago and everything from sculpture to paintings, and much of that artwork is celebrating the human body and form.  In various states of nudity.  Do you think the body is a beautiful work of art?  I do!

3.  Are you comfortable with seeing the human body in various states of undress?  Our culture is so puritanical that people get their undies in a bunch from nudity but really, I don't find it to be a big deal.  Now, 80 year old men in Speedos on the beach, well, that's not my favorite...haha!  How comfortable are you with seeing others nude or being nude or scantily clad yourself?  I did a post too, about Nude Yoga and Nudity , here if you missed it.

4.  How comfortable are you being in a swimsuit?  Is it a big deal for you to be in a swimsuit?  Does it matter if it's a one or two piece?  Would you ever post pictures of yourself in a swimsuit on the internet?  Why or why not?
I have always been comfortable in a swimsuit.  Stacia, my photographer, joked with me that she could see a new side and new life in me when the dress came off and the swimsuit came on!  

5. Which picture of mine is your favorite and why?  Or your top few picks.  I am planning on creating a portfolio and want to know which one(s) you think really stand out.

6. What's Going On For You this Weekend?  Any fun plans?  Fill me in!  
I'm spending time with the fam, packing, hitting the gym, and trying to stay cool in this 100F weather!

Again, please, no nasty or rude comments or invasive personal questions.  They will be deleted.  Make sure if you're tempted to leave a nasty comment, that you leave me the link to your blog, where your pictures are posted, so I can go check out your blog and pictures...haha!  IP addresses are recorded, too.

Have A Beautiful Weekend and I will See you Back Here Monday Morning!
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