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Philadelphia Makes Me Fat…

Posted Jan 24 2010 12:00am

I’m not joking! After going to art school in Phila for four years and being broke the whole time, I really lavish in stuffing my face the entire time that I visit! The best part is not feeling bad after spending the cash. I found that in art school if you bought food, you probably weren’t going to be be able to afford to get your film developed or buy that sociology book. Oops. But like I said, I spent guilt-free, splurgin’ on Center City’s Restaurant Week and some old favorites (while also accepting that I was probably going to gain three pounds in three days) 

Food choices to include: Lolita (awesome upscale mexican. This might be an oximoron but it was fabulous! and the blood orange margharita with the sugar rim was double FAB), Marathon Gril l (16th and Sansom OBVS featuring the best breakfast in the city), Pho Cali (the cheapest deliciousness in Chinatown, get the spring rolls and bubble tea if you know what’s good for you), The Academy Cafe (i LOVE free hotel breakfast, especially when there’s an omelette man. Many thanks to a perfect stay on the 19th floor of the Double Tree Hotel), and last but certainly not least, Paolos (a college throwback). 


Why there are no pictures of me in my faux fur coat? I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure that God doesn’t want anyone to ever see me in it since he tries to sabotage every time that I’ve even TRIED to wear it and take a cute pic simultaneously. Becky also looked smokin’. I hope that she’ll leave a comment with where she bought her outfit. My guess is J.Crew and Lord & Taylor, but what do I know.

Saturday night we sipped cocktails at Lucky Strike on Chestnut street. We didn’t bowl because the girls didn’t have socks (gross), and my stomach was upset and I didn’t feel like getting crazy (which btw, went down the drain after we consumed a few bottles of cheap blush wine back at the hotel and shots/beers at the Fox and Hound. haha) Regardless, Lucky Strike is Hip and Swanky. 


Oh yeah, I just realized that I got totally caught up in writing this that I forgot to say Hi! and thank you for coming to my new blog! I hope you enjoy and continue to return. Please feel free to comment anything! And if you have any favorite Philly restaurants, you must share, pleaseeee. Also, incase you didn’t know, you look like a fool with your pants on the ground, pants on the ground. (if you dont know where this is from, you better YouTube it immediately for laughter.)

Yuck, tomorrow’s Monday which means work. See ya then real world <3 


*Special thanks to my Boyf (Brendan), Becky and Sam for enjoying a perfect weekend in Philadelphia with me. 

** I’ve realized, thanks to spellcheck, that I do not know how to spell the word restaurants without my computers dictionary. Thank you art school, you’ve really prepared me for life. NOT.

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