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PETA Butter & Coconut

Posted Sep 16 2010 2:13pm

First off, I just have to say, sometimes money can buy you happiness:

After a long dry spell, I finally got to do some shopping! Thank you Nordstrom Rack for your fab collection of work-appropriate casual wear, dresses and yoga mats. Yes, a yoga mat. I stole had a yoga mat that actually belonged to my sister and when she finally realized it was missing, I was out of luck. I’ve been researching the best inexpensive mats, but really, I’m no guru. When I saw this fab Nike one on sale for $19.99 (originally $30) I thought, what the hell. I haven’t used it yet, so I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts. The mat has positive reviews, except for some super tall ladies who mentioned it was too small.

Speaking of Nike, I better x out of their website right now because I’m about to dry up my bank account.

In other news, PETA has teamed up with Peanut Butter & Co . to create their very own 30th anniversary jar of America’s favorite nut butter (don’t quote me on that, I’m more of an almond butter girl myself, but you get the picture). Love PETA or hate PETA, you have to admit they continue to make significant strides for animal rights and vegetarianism. I think most veggies can agree that their curiosity of what goes down in a slaughterhouse began with some type of poster/ad/viral video produced by PETA. This special edition jar commemorates the 30th anniversary of PETA and a portion of sales will go toward PETA’s “Pledge to be Veg” program in which visitors to the group’s web site pledge to go vegan for at least 30 days. How cool is that?

Lucky for me, PB&Co. and I are neighbors , but you can snag a jar online at . BTW, PETA butter is all-natural, made with peanuts and a little salt.

I celebrated with my own PETA Butter & Coconut Toast Breakfast Sammie. Just a little PB & Coconut flakes on a flatbread, warmed and toasted to perfection.

I also wanted to mention some cool new things I am going to be doing on the blog and would love your thoughts. For one, you can now subscribe to my posts via email by clicking on the “Email Updates” link in the sidebar. Two, I am going to start posting my workouts here on the blog, mostly for my motivation but also to share and exchange ideas will all of you. Third, I’ve being toying with the idea of posting my “daily eats” and I’ve been seeing more and more bloggers jumping on this bandwagon. I think it’s great inspiration for people in a food rut and will also give me an idea of my eating habits. It could get overwhelming or it could be fun – we’ll just have to see. :)

P.S. Have you guys seen this hilarious article on why your yoga teacher hates you?

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