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Personal Trainers Are Great For More Than Working Out

Posted Nov 22 2010 3:15pm

Many people look to a personal trainer to tell them what exercises they need to perform to get a flat stomach or toned arms, and what order they need to perform them.   Many clients, not all, also realize that when they enlist the services of a personal trainer, they can also look to them for other fitness related advice.   Many personal trainers NYC are certified in more than one area and therefore can be used as a wellness resource.   When selecting your trainer it's a good idea to see if he/she has any additional certifications.


Once a person is certified as a trainer, their thirst for wellness related knowledge is at an all-time high. It is usually then, that they will jump right back in and obtain another certification.   Many trainers will move on to add a group fitness, pilates based-mat, yoga, or nutritional counseling certification.   Adding additional certifications allows them helps establish one as an expert in many fields of health and wellness.


One of the more "powerful" combinations can be that of having a personal trainer who is also a nutritionist.   As it is more difficult to achieve fitness goals if you are not eating an optimal diet, getting nutritional advice from your personal trainer seems to be a logical source.   Keep in mind, though, that your personal trainer/nutritionist is not a medical professional.   If you have a chronic condition or want a detailed meal plan, you will want to meet with a registered dietitian.   A nutritionist is not able to prescribe a diet for special conditions.


The advantage of working with a personal trainer NYC who has a yoga or pilates certification, is that your trainer will be more apt incorporate the different philosophies into your routine to better tailor to your needs. For example, pilates is an excellent discipline for core strengthening.   Adding some of these movements to a strength training program can be more beneficial then doing crunches.   Flexibility and breathing control can also be enhanced.


There is no question that a certified personal trainer NYC is perfectly qualified to help people reach their fitness goals.   However, when you crave more, and want an all in one package, a personal trainer with additional certifications may be the direction for you to go.


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