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Periods-Punctuating Lybrel Combination Birth Control Pills – Pros and Cons

Posted Mar 31 2010 11:05pm

Lybrel is a type of combination birth control pills intended on supplying an active daily hormones dosage totally putting a halt to a woman’s menses for a year’s time. It is an extended-cycle, orally taken birth control pills containing small dosages of ethinyl estradiol (twenty micrograms) and levonorgestrel (ninety micrograms) intended for year-long usage without a pill-less time interval. Lybrel garnered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval in 2007 and functions in analogous manner to other available combination birth control pills by averting ovulation from taking place.

Pros and Cons of Lybrel:
  • Lybrel receiving the FDA acceptance is wistful of the choices of the U.S. populace. A nationwide survey showed that sixty percent females would prefer not to have their monthly menstrual cycles and a third would opt not having it at all.
  • Birth control pillsSeveral obstetricians and gynaecologists recommend birth control for females as it empowers them to have better control over their systems. Moreover, females need to understand that there is no health advantage of withdrawal bleeding which takes place when the pill is used.
  • Health authorities affirm that there are no kinds of risk to health or health-based reasons women require having a monthly menstrual cycle.
  • Eradicating the periods week in a female’s cycle would contribute to stabilizing hormonal levels that recurrently causes diminished or total purging of niggling signs and symptoms linked with the week like: bloated feeling, cramps, touchiness, headache, breast tenderness, varied twinges and painful sensations.
  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals that manufactures Lybrel has provided estimates that fifty-nine percent of females who took the birth control pill had ceased bleeding subsequent to six months of usage.
  • Halting periods via the usage of continuous oral birth control has been found to be effectual in treating several health-associated conditions like endometriosis and helpful to anemics and epileptics.
  • Lybrel use would be saving females the money they earlier shelled out in buying female sanitation products and at times menses-associated medicines for treatment of several premenstrual (PMS) symptoms inclusive of headaches.
  • A trial outcome revealed that subsequent to completion of 7 to thirteen pill packets of Lybrel, females cited feeling less nauseous and soreness in breasts as compared to those females taking the 21-day contraceptive pills. Investigators uncovered that a diverse trial result indicated that 3 months of Lybrel use lowered PMS and related gripes in over a hundred women.
  • As Lybrel has lesser everyday dosage of artificial hormones as compared to conventional combination pills, hence the collective month’s dosage could in fact be analogous to or lesser than several of the other brand names that females are presently using.
  • The low hormone dosages employed in Lybrel could be causal to unanticipated or breakthrough bleeding.
  • Long-standing safety of continuous birth control is still unclear and apprehensions ride high that they may augment breast cancer risk, although there is dearth of proof to substantiate it.
  • As roughly one to eight percent of women using oral birth control conceive annually, young females that have not experienced an earlier pregnancy and are on the course of Lybrel could fail to spot its sign in case they actually conceived as they could not depend on a skipped menstrual cycle to hint a pregnancy.
  • Lybrel has been effectual in 92-99.7 percent of the cases when used correctly. It carries analogous side-effects similar to those linked with use of other hormonal methods.
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