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Perfect Form. How to Perform the Bicylce. Exercise 2.

Posted Feb 26 2013 9:50pm

Exercise 2 in the series of 6.  The bicycle or as we call it in Pilates, the criss cross.
If I had to choose one exercise that I see performed most incorrectly almost every time I go to the gym, this is it!  The criss cross is a great exercise for the core, working the rectus abdominis (the 8 pack) and the obliques (side belly muscles).  It is only a great exercise when performed CORRECTLY.  I see people doing 100s of repetitions at the gym and turning their head from side to side and never rotating their torso.  To work your obliques the body must rotate from the waist and to work the rectus abdominis you must contract forward from the torso, not your neck.  Read below and try it out!  

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