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Perfect Form. How to Perfect a Plank. Exercise 5.

Posted Mar 19 2013 10:30pm

Exercise 5. The plank, one of the most functional, total body exercises.  One of the best exercises yet one of the most incorrectly performed exercises.  I hear it all the time at work from clients, "I can't plank on my hands because it hurts my wrists."  Yes, some people do have wrists issues; arthritis, carpal tunnel, to name a few but most of us who say we feel pain in our wrists when planking are planking incorrectly.  The wrists should not bear much weight when performing this exercise.  The core should be holding us up from our center, our shoulders should have a strong connection to our back and our legs are actively pressing back and lifting weight off the floor.  In the picture below you can see there is good distance between my ears and my shoulders and the upper portion of my shoulders are not elevated.  The hands serve as a contact point to the ground but my weight is being held through my center.  The goal of the exercise is to find the body in one long line! If you feel strain or stress in your low back or upper shoulders come down and reassess your position.  If you are having issues with your wrists, come down onto your forearms and you can always modify by coming onto your knees.  ​

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