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Peppermint & Pets Galore

Posted Dec 01 2010 9:54am


I am so excited ❤ December is one of my favorite months and this means that I can absolutely immerse myself in the Christmas season without feeling silly about it.

I started with breakfast! Remember those peppermint mochas I was making with almond milk? Well, sub those for the liquid in your morning oat bran with a sprinkle of minty white chocolate Christmas kisses and you have the ultimate holiday breakfast bowl.

Peppermint Mocha Oat Bran

In the bowl:

  • 2/3 cups of oat bran
  • 1.5 cups unsweetened chocolate almond milk
  • 1 tsp nescafe rich vanilla instant coffee
  • 4-5 drops pure peppermint extract
  • Garnish with white chocolate mint kisses!

The kisses are so cute. I buy a big bag of them every year. They’re great for oats, cookies, etc.

  • Question: What Christmas treat do you buy every year? I buy these and terry’s chocolate oranges. Yumm.

Dolch loves December, too. He’s thrilled that I’m home more often while I work on essays/cram for exams, but he is way less enthusiastic about my study habits than I am. The trouble starts almost as soon as I get my books out and he comes over to check it out.

I plop my hand on his head for a second, then try to resume studying. I’ve countered; it’s his move and like a chess pro he takes over the board and puts me in check:

This is about the time when I give up on my books (he likes to bat at my hand while I’m writing notes and try to turn the pages himself). At this point, I decide that it’s about time I add another few paragraphs to my latest essay anyway. But no…

You think this is distracting, try it when he faces the other way and literally chases my cursor on the screen. Virtual cat and mouse? ;)

There’s nothing else for it. I grab his favorite blanket, stuff it in my lap and then place his purring mess of fluff on top of said blanket. Petting begins. Any progress on essay/studying/homework stalls.

He wins every time. At this point I kind of awkwardly start typing again while trying to pet him “properly” (he is very specific) at the same time. The upside to this nonsense is that I’m very good at the tap-your-head-rub-your-tummy game because of all my hand isolation practice.

You think this is obtrusive? You should have seen him when he was a kitten. He wouldn’t climb into my lap then and settle down – oh no. He would explore, chill in his basket and keep up a crazy loud commentary that sounded a little bit like this:

Cute, right? I’m undecided. {As a random aside, this picture ^ was taken about a year ago at 6 months old.  He has since doubled in size to a whopping 13 pounds of muscle. Oof.}

He’s fallen asleep in my lap so I’m going to try and grab a good hour or so of work before he wakes up.

Happy December, bloggies! See you tonight with a recipe :D

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