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People bite fight should be injection vaccine

Posted May 07 2013 8:04am
  Bitten by a dog may have rabies; man who was bitten, what would happen? Recently, Nanjing, Mr. Cao was the younger brother of bites, the results suffered from osteomyelitis, almost amputated. Said that the population of cavity virus 1000,  cheap christian louboutin outlet   are particularly vulnerable to the spread of bites, Mr. Cao is wound bacteria spread rapidly lead to osteomyelitis. Human bites really so terrible? Accidentally bites, should I do? Reporter yesterday visited the city a number of hospitals that, frequent admissions of being bitten by case. The doctor said, the Nanjing patients with causes in fact, not oral infection, but it belongs to bacterial infection. To remind the public accidentally bites also in need of treatment. If the wound is deep,  cheap christian louboutin pumps   members of the public going to the hospital in time to make the appropriate disposal.
  Case Studies
  The Nanjing patients should bacterial infection
  The case of Nanjing, whether it is really caused due to oral virus? Fourth Hospital of Changsha ordinary surgeon Liu Jiefeng explained Specifically, Nanjing case of bacterial infection, rather than oral infection, such as dealing with properly in a timely manner, to avoid infection from happening.
  "Normal oral bacteria is the most systemic, cheap christian louboutin heels  most of which are normal flora in the mouth, but there are many pathogens after the bite, if not timely debridement disinfection and implemented the necessary anti-inflammatory treatment may its cause wound infection, severe cases can cause the spread of infection, and even cause osteomyelitis. "said Liu Jiefeng normal oral cavity generally do not have the virus, but if it is the appropriate patient, you can bring viruses, such as rabies, AIDS , hepatitis patients, such as bites of these patients, the virus may spread through the wound,  red bottom shoes on sale   causing infection.
  Local survey
  Often emergency admissions of children being bitten case
  Changsha city hospital admissions bite cases, what injury? Interview with reporters yesterday the city's many hospitals that adult bite does occur, children also often lead to bite patients in the hospital emergency room admissions due to kicks, but mostly minor injuries, did not show similar to the status of the Nanjing patients with osteomyelitis almost amputated.
  "In general, the hospital received patients bitten divided into three categories: family was delirious patient bites; cheap christian louboutin shoes    doctor in the rescue of patients with epileptic convulsions patient bites; children bite each other in a fight." Liu Jiefeng, but admissions situation, the majority of accidentally bitten patients immediately disinfected, post-monitoring does not appear infected.
  Health alert
  The bite wound deeper timely vaccination
  Children fooling around, there will inevitably be bitten and other issues, this is how they express the emotional reaction, no need to talk about the discoloration? "The public Mr. Tan was not impressed, he told reporters that his son had kindergarten bites other children,  cheap louboutin shoes sale   but it seems nothing serious consequences.
  In this regard, Liu Jiefeng bite all the risks, it is best to avoid this behavior. Injured because Victims bitten by itself is a kind of injury that could cause infection or pathogenic. On the other hand, in terms of the bite, in fact, there are also risks because Victims may carry certain pathogenic bacteria or viruses, or bitten by certain types of patients with infectious diseases, the bite may be through the digestive tract or damaged oral mucosa were infected.
  If you accidentally bites, how they deal with? Liu Jiefeng reminded to be bitten, as the case may be, there is no broken skin, christian louboutin men shoes    no special treatment; any broken skin, you should make the appropriate disinfection; deep wounds, should seek immediate medical attention given debridement and dressing, anti-inflammatory treatment, tetanus antitoxin, or rabies vaccine.
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