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Posted Jun 02 2010 12:00am

Happy hump day to everybody!! Yesterday wasn’t necessarily busy, but it was full to the brim so when I did finally sit down I opted to catch up on all your blogs rather than do a post of my own. As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I had to travel to Toronto for a workshop yesterday so I hit the road by 7am in order to be there on time. I hit some brutal traffic, so leaving early was wise. I packed a toasted Ezekiel muffin, goat cheese and egg beater sandwich to eat on the way:

The conference was really well done and the day passed by quickly. There was light refreshments served at our first break and I helped myself to some fresh fruit to tie me over until lunch. IMG_1892
Lunch was kinda ho-hum. We had pita triangles with hummus, salad, COLD stuffed chicken breast (not sure what the stuffing was…it was too cold to taste it) and potato salad. IMG_1893
I only ate about half the chicken and potatoes. They just weren’t that great. For “dessert”, I enjoyed 2 squares, more fruit and a few unpictured cookies; IMG_1894
I was on my way home shortly after 3pm where I encountered more traffic. I think this is just the norm going into T.O these days. I snacked on a Clif mojo bars on my travels, IMG_1895
My hubby had dinner prepared when I walked through the door at 5pm because I only had a half hour before I needed to be back out for Pilates. He made some little pork chops which I ate with a big side of lettuce, cucumber and raspberry walnut dressing. IMG_1896
I also ate 2 squares of Lindt sea salt chocolate as I ran out the door! No picture of it, though!

When I got home I tended to my plants and picked a whole whack of peonies for the house and work. Here’s the one I took to work: IMG_1898
And the BIG one for the house: IMG_1905 IMG_1897
These blooms are massive, beautiful and smell like a dream. They do wonders to brighten a space up, IMO. If you like flowers, which is your favourite to have around the house?

I also made another loaf of whole grain bread using molasses this time. LOVE this recipe! Then, like I mentioned earlier, I spent the rest of the evening reading blogs. You guys are always up to something entertaining!! :) One other thing I did last night was to get some overnight oats ready for the fridge. This was my first time making this so I just threw a bunch of things in the bowl….and it came out really good! IMG_1900
-1/3 cup oats
-almond breeze
-chia seeds
-1 tsp almond butter
-blueberries & strawberries IMG_1899
As you can tell it firmed up nicely overnight. I enjoyed the flavour, texture and convenience of having this ready to go when I needed it. I’m looking forward to experimenting with different flavour combos!

We had a meeting this morning that sucked up half the day. When I got back to my desk I ate a slice of the whole grain bread with peanut hazelnut butter; IMG_1901
Such a delight!

Finally got to the gym today. Seems like it’s been forever since I’ve gone! I had planned to elliptical my heart out but someone was on it so I did my 4mph, 7.5% incline walk instead. Gets the heart going, anyways!

Time: 45 minutes
Avg Hr: 156
Max Hr: 170
Calories Torched: 434
Distance: 3 miles

I brought a sandwich for lunch today. I bought some nice WW bread at the bakery on the weekend and stuffed it with cappicolo (Italian ham), cheddar cheese, lettuce and dijonnaise: IMG_1903 IMG_1902

I also packed a chopped orange and some sliced strawberries. IMG_1904

This fruit was so sweet that it coulda been candy!! :)

The rain we were suppose to get finally arrived around 2pm. I had pulled some ground chicken from my last Whole Foods trip from the freezer for burgers, but the weather was just begging for something a little more comforting. I turned to a great turkey quinoa stew recipe that I’ve made before and enjoyed. Here it is on the stove top almost ready to go. IMG_1907

I had no corn or peas so I just used a frozen veggie mix. In order to get DS to eat this I use it as a “burrito” filling topped with shredded cheddar cheese for the fam. This way he doesn’t notice the veggies in it. I eat mine straight up in a bowl topped with a little blue cheese and a side of whole grain bread & butter: IMG_1908

Perfection. And the cherry on top was the last 2 squares of my sea salt chocolate.


We just got home from swimming lessons and I realized that SYTYCD is on so I’m off to watch that. It’s one of my favourite shows! Will you be tuning in this season???

Bye for now!!

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