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Peer Pressure: Up and at them.

Posted Jul 14 2010 5:44am

Like a ton of bricks, yesterday I was officially exhausted. It wasn’t until I recapped my Friday to Monday activities that I had my Britney Spears-esc moment and was physically and mentally wiped. Don’t worry, it’s not like I shaved my head. Andrew likes to call it my “DJ Tanner in the gym” moment. Point being, it’s important to take time off, but sometimes a relaxing day at the lake turns into an episode of Wipeout with swimming, wake surfing and cliff jumping. Learn to relax. Frankie was on to something.

Moving onwards and upwards, let’s talk peer pressure. Not the kind that forces you into watching Twilight, the kind that makes you do something crazy like sign up for a race. I mentioned I was somewhat coaxed by Meghan to bite the bullet and sign up for my upcoming triathlon, well it looks like another person fell victim this weekend.

A tri a day keeps the doctor away.

While out on the boat with our fabulous friends Scott and Jess, we were goofing around and Andrew and I started practicing our open water swim. In goes Scott and he did great. Thus, the peer pressure was on. We knew time was ticking to get Scott on board for our tri.

To successfully peer pressure a friend into racing with you it’s best to - Act fast like John Wayne. You must engage the person immediately upon seeing that glimmer in their eye that they are interested but afraid of commitment.
- If they are a male, call them a woman. Chill out ultra-fems, it’s in jest. I mean I, a girl, can do a triathlon surely this big strong man can too!
- Talk about the rewarding aspects of the race while sprinkling in the “training is so easy” comments. I suddenly feel like one of the crazy coyote villains in The Lion King.
- With the help of social media, call them out in all public forums. Don’t forget to spam them via e-mail.

Well it worked for us. But in all seriousness, I am overjoyed that we have a friend Trying to Tri with us. One more in the “Tri-ing is the first step to failure” team! It’s going to be great sharing the experience with a close friend.

Scottie it’s never too late to call on our favorite personal trainer, Rainier Luftwaffe Wolfcastle. Oh and you better believe I will squeeze and official, or unofficial, recap of his training for y’all.

Have you ever finally coerced a friend into signing up to do a race with you? Any tips on getting friends or family to join you in fitness?

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