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Pedal and Paddle -- A Multisport Event?

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:39am

We belong to the Columbia Association, which is a large homeowners association (more than 100,000 residents) that has, among other things, three full service gyms and 23 outdoor pools.

I was invited to join in the unofficial "Pedal and Paddle" event that a bunch of folks started a few years ago.

It goes like this: start at a pre-designated pool. Do at least one lap and, if there is a slide, one time down, get on your bike, pedal to the next pool. Twenty-three times, plus a jump in the first pool at the end, just for good measure.

It's about 40 miles of riding and lasts 6+ hours. Thankfully, the rules clearly state that form doesn't count.

Have no idea what a 47-event something-athalon would be called (other than "47-event-athalon"), but I do have some questions:

1. If there are no medals, is it a sport?
2. If there is no t-shirt or like swag handed out, is it an event?
3. There is no liability waiver or entrance fee, so do we need a lawyer?
4. 46 transitions? Yikes!
5. Swim in bike shorts or ride in a bathing suit?
6. Does the Garmin work under water?
7. Can I add it to my upcoming events?
8. Need one of those "six pack abs" t-shirts to wear for the swim parts. (I know, not really a question.)

Needless to say, I've already signed up. Looking forward to that PR!

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