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Pecan Pie Remix

Posted Nov 25 2010 12:00am

There are certain staples in any Thanksgiving dinner that you come to expect.  Hence the term “staple”.

Turkey.  Pumpkin pie.  A potato of some sort.

Pecan pie is a staple for me.  I have to have it.  There’s something about that sugar-infested filling that I can’t keep away from.  It’s a holiday must-have.

But I don’t do well with baking pie.  It intimidates me.  The crust burns.  The filling doesn’t “set”.  There are too many variables that can go wrong.  So when I said I’d take something to Thanksgiving dinner at my friend’s family gathering, I played it safe and went into my comfort zone – cupcakes.

Cupcakes are fun.  Because, like cookies I make, they become obnoxious and over-the-top.  It’s just how I roll.

I searched high and low for a cupcake recipe that included a filling- not just pecan cupcakes.  For a while, it looked like I’d be experimenting.  Which is not the best thing to do right before a big dinner.  But I found one at Tastebook  (finally-whew!).

Like any recipe I tackle, this one came in steps, too.  Quite a challenge when you’re coordinating all this baking with a Friends-giving dinner.

Then come the brown sugar cupcakes.  After tasting these, I would tell you just to make them on your own if you wanted- they’re delicious.  But that’s for another time.  For now, I’m putting a scoop of filling on top of each one.  The recipe says to do it gently, but I have no idea why.  The batter isn’t runny, and either way, it comes out looking like poo sitting on your cupcake. See?  Poo.  And don’t overfill the liners- the cupcake rises A LOT. 

They come out looking like this: Still pretty stupid-looking.  Serious doubts started to set in.  But at least the filling sunk in.  I was concerned it would just be a layer over the actual cupcake.  So that made me feel better.

Still holding on to hope these will turn out. 

And then comes the icing. Ooooohhhh yeah….  I heart cool whip.  I used to get mad at my brother because he’d eat it ALL.  With a spoon.  Out of the container.  That’s right, bro- I’m calling you out on that one.

Anyhoo, these days I can’t say “cool whip” without giving it a little flair.

Thanks Stewie.  I can’t even remember how to say it normal anymore.

This is another place where I was forced to switch it up.  As in, I had to buy more cool whip.  If you just spread on a thin layer of cool whip icing with a knife, you’re fine.  But if you’re like me and really pipe the crap out of some cupcakes, you will need a second container of it. 

Because wouldn’t you much rather have cupcakes that look like this: That’s what I thought.  Don’t hold back.  It’s the holidays.  Cool whip it up!

One more time for the kids in the back… Not to brag, but these are probably my favorite thing I’ve ever made.  Yeah.  I said that.  Even better than the chubby hubby cookies .  The filling is NUTS. (get it?  pecan pie… nuts…?)

Now I’m starting to sweat a little because I’ve got to figure out a new Christmas dessert…. Gah!

Oh and um… Happy Thanksgiving, kids!  It’s been yet another fantastic year and am so lucky to be able to share it with so many wonderful people.  I assume that if I were to write it all out, my list of things to be thankful for would be similar to the same one I had last year .

Enjoy celebrating the season! 

Make sure you’ve located your stretchy pants before dinner.  It makes for a quicker change after…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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