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Peanut Butter Snob

Posted Jul 30 2010 1:31pm

Hi friends! Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! :D Got any exciting weekend plans?

Anyone plan to see the new movie, Dinner for Schmucks ? I think it looks pretty funny! Did you know that I celebrated my birthday this year at the wrap party for that movie? It was a FUN birthday!!

I love it when there are photo booths at parties!! (we had one at our wedding, too!) There were all sorts of fun costumes and accessories to play with! We may have made multiple trips to this photo booth throughout the night. ;)

So far, my Friday has been off to a great start! Fridays are ALWAYS good for me because I have an AWESOME boss who lets us go home early on Friday! It’s a pretty great way to start the weekend early. It also gives me a few extra hours to go shopping before the mall gets PACKED with weekend shoppers! I’m sad to say I have to return the dress I ordered from Nordstrom

In person, the dress was much more BROWN than I expected– and a really weird fit and material. Not at all what I expected! I was also surprised that this dress was TOO big! I’ve noticed when I spend more money “designer” dresses, my dress size usually goes down (I think that’s their way of tricking you into spending more money!)– but I still think it’s kinda crazy when a size “small” is too big on ME! (I’m 5′7″ people…). What size do the thousands of people who are SMALLER than me wear? I guess that’s what alterations are for… but I’m not willing to do that for this dress that I only “kinda” like in person. 

Looks like I’ve got more dress shopping ahead of me! (oh, darn) ;)

To recap a bit last night, I ended up doing a Jackie Warner workout before dinner:

Just the Lower Body circuit– imagine doing every variety of squat and lunge you can imagine for 20 minutes! It’s QUITE a workout for being so short! I’m so glad I’ve started using this DVD again! I forgot how challenging Jackie’s strength workouts are!

I’ve kinda gotten into the “two-a-day” groove lately– running in the morning/afternoon, then doing a strength workout later in the day. I’m not really over-doing it or anything– I think it’s about 60 minutes of workout in total– but I think breaking it up makes me push myself harder during each half, rather than if I had worked out for 60-minutes straight! I already got my run in for this morning:

But I was kinda annoyed with my Garmin this morning… it couldn’t find a satellite to save it’s life! I waited outside for almost 5 minutes, waiting for it to start up… but then I got impatient and started running without it! It finally got it’s act together once I was over a half-mile into my run! So, I really ran 2.75 miles… the Garmin just didn’t participate in all of it! Anyone else have a super-slow Garmin like mine? It’s so frustrating!! :(

Post-workout green juice:

Romaine, kale, 1/2 a beet, small apple, 1/2 a lemon– ahhhh! I sure did LOVE having some beet in my juice again! I’m heading to Whole Foods later to stock up on some more!!

I’m also going to check to see if my local Whole Foods is still selling raw goat cheese– I’ve heard that Whole Foods is banning raw milk products nation-wide, but for some reason my store hadn’t gotten around to it last time I checked! If they are still carrying it, I’m going to BUY THEM OUT! (goat cheese lasts a few months– and I’ll definitely go through it before it expires!) I love my raw goat cheese!!

Last night, I enjoyed some on a HUGE salad:

But I only have a couple of blocks left! NOOOOOOOO!!!! If I don’t find raw goat cheese today, I’m going to look into other methods of getting it– maybe Alta Dena will ship it? Any other Los Angeles locals know where to buy raw goat cheese?

I’m also going to do something at Whole Foods that I’ve NEVER done before– return something!! I bought this peanut butter in a rush the other day:

Organic? Check. Creamy? Check. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized…. it’s NOT “natural” peanut butter! Ugh. I only like buying nut butters that are ONLY nuts– no added sugar, oils or other junk. (except for salt– I can’t help it, I love salt!) If you don’t have to stir it and store it in the fridge once it’s opened, it’s probably not natural peanut butter. *sigh* Luckily, I saved my receipt and plan on returning it this afternoon. I don’t even want to feed this stuff to my dog! (she loves peanut butter, but she gets the all-natural stuff, too!)

It’s funny, because growing up I was totally a “JIF girl” when it came to peanut butter… and now it doesn’t even taste like peanut butter to me anymore! It’s more like frosting now! Ha, I sound like a peanut butter snob now. ;)

Okay, I’ve got get going if I’m going to beat all those shoppers to the mall! Here’s hoping I have some luck dress-hunting!

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