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Peaches and Cream Ice Cream

Posted Jul 03 2012 6:21am

Wow, you guys really wanna win the Arctic Zero prize pack, huh? I don’t blame you – it’s a huge giveaway ! I’m just as excited about it as you are! Keep the entries coming :) On to the post…

I actually have never had peaches and cream, but I think it’s a thing right? There is a song  but I highly doubt they were talking about food in that one ;) haha. Anyway, I recently received a gigantic package from Arctic Zero with all of their flavored pints and it got me thinking – what are some fun ways I could eat ice cream? So I decided to experiment with this a little bit.

One of the flavors is Vanilla Maple and I thought this would go perfectly with the one peach I had left. Delicious, juicy peach. I’ve been wanting to roast a peach and see how it works out. My George Forman needed cleaning though so I opted for the pan.

I didn’t add any oil or spray to the pan, simply because I didn’t think it was needed. I wasn’t trying to fry the peaches, just warm them up a bit. I’m also not a big caramelizer just yet – only did it once in my life. You could probably actually caramelize the peaches if you add some coconut oil and maple syrup while it’s frying, perhaps. I thought the combo was already so sweet tasting though, that it really wouldn’t need any extra sugar in there.

This recipe is shared on Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays , Fit & Fab Fridays

Peaches and Cream Ice Cream [serves 1] [fat free/gluten free]

  • 2/3 of a pint of Vanilla Maple Arctic Zero frozen dessert
  • 1 peach
  • 1 + 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup Erewhon Brown Rice Cereal

Take the pint out of the freezer and put it on the counter to soften. After about 20 minutes, take your peach. Cut the peach and slice it into small pieces. Put the slices on a nonstick pan (sprayed or not, mine wasn’t) and cook on medium heat. Sprinkle with 1 tsp cinnamon. Cover the pan with a lid for a bit, uncover, stir, and cover again. Do it a few times but don’t leave it covered for too long at a time. The peaches will start to pull juices a bit and mine started sticking a little to the pan (since it wasn’t sprayed), that’s when you take your pint and take two scoopfuls and put them onto the pan. Stir it along with the peaches and let cook for a while longer.

Take a bowl and put the brown rice cereal on the bottom. Take the rest of the ice cream from the pint and put it in a bowl (you’ll be left with 1/3 of the ice cream in the pint, put it back in the freezer). Once the ice cream on the pan has melted and warmed and you think the peaches are nice and warm enough to eat, take those and pour them over the ice cream and rice in the bowl. Sprinkle with the remaining 1 tsp cinnamon. Enjoy!

Nutritional Stats: 178 calories, 0g fat, 35g carbs, 10g protein

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