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PEACE OUT PARASITES: what you’ve gotta know to be in the clear

Posted Oct 06 2013 12:44am

Growing up in this day and age, we don’t really hear the word parasite unless we travel out of the country or have an itchy butt.

Although these are two really crazy good reasons pointing us toward a cleansed parasite body- these are definitely not the only symptoms of a parasite infection.

In fact, it’s been said that even diseases such as forms of cancer, tumors, and candida are all forms of parasite or fungal infections.

So, the reason I am bringing this content to your attention is NOT to scare you- but it is just to inform you–If I knew this information as my health journey was just beginning- oh the difference it would have had!


So, who has parasites?

Fact: Over 90 percent of humans have parasites living inside their bodies.

Some people will never even realize this, because they can go on symptom free. It’s actually the parasites job to remain hidden inside! How tricky is that?

Even if you’ve had an endoscopy or a colonoscopy, these little buggers WILL NOT be detected with this type of test! {I’ve had these tests done to myself because of health scares, and what was the result? Absolutely nothing seen! But then after a parasite terrain modification…oh….}

Here’s the thing: when you have leaky gut, it’s easy for parasites to develop. When you aren’t digesting your food correctly and your stomach hydrochloric acid is low, it’s easy for parasites to develop.

What are the symptoms of a parasite infection?

Remember, just because you have one of these, does not mean you have parasites. Are there 75 percent or more that relate to you?

- The main thing to look out for: intense stomach cramping/bloating/pain, autoimmune issue, and seemingly trying everything for these symptoms such as specific diets and probiotics, but nothing seems to work.

- Digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation, leaky gut, gas, bloating, acid reflux, and abdominal pain

- Fatigue such as chronic fatigue, having low energy, or excessive weakness

- Feeling extremely hungry and needing to binge on a large amount of food

- Hair loss, dry hair, Itchy skin, crawling sensation under the skin

- Skin issues: acne, eczema, rashes

- Hormonal Imbalance: lack of a period

- Candida, yeast infections

- Mood and Anxiety Problems: Depression, anxiety, brain fog

- Sleep Disturbances

- Fast Heartbeat

- Taking birth control for a long period of time

- Blood problems: hypoglycemia and anemia

But wait! Please don’t get all freaked out if you counted some of those things on that list. The thing is, all dis-ease starts from one place and there are MANY ways to heal from these things. When you start reading the list below for my general recommendations for a terrain modification of your body, you will start there!


So, should I do a parasite cleanse?

Many would say yes. And I agree- to a certain extent.

I DEFINITELY say no to standard pharmaceutical “anti-fungal” medications. These will just drive the bugs deeper into the system.

Many will say that an anti-fungal agent such as clove, garlic, black walnut, and wormwood will help kill the parasites. And this may be true to a certain extent. But, I personally don’t agree with this approach. (I’ve tried it with less than positive results!) Well- why not? Because, if you start killing these things {without even appreciating their existence} 1- They will get angry and cause ruckus in your body. And 2- you will…and this is a big one here… stress your adrenals. We want to IMPROVE your adrenal and immune function now, not tear them down!

So what should I do?


I love Dr. Robert Cassar’s take on parasites… “If you eat these levels of foods, these levels of foods have a certain vibration to them- and if you eat those, then what happens is real simple, you have to have creatures that process those dead foods. So, let’s get a little smarter. All of us. And understand- That these creatures aren’t here to do anything wrong. They are here to basically help us. They process the foods that we can’t digest. So if we eat foods that they don’t need to process, then they just leave.”

Please watch his beautiful video on parasites and terrain modification below!

And this one too!

And here, I make a delicious smoothie that has SO many parasite-healing herbs and concoctions!

I have so many tips and recipes for really healing and detoxing from these critters, if you really think that this could be what’s going on with you. We can go about the cleanse process in so many ways. Green juice and coconut kefir cleansing is really great and will accelerate the process. But you can’t go from a standard diet to a juice fast- this will shock your body way too much. By following the guidelines I gave above, you will be in such a great place to terrain modify your body and really work your way toward a cleansed, healthy, delicious, pain-free body, mind, and spirit. Then we will take it from there ;) Please contact me further if you’d like to work with me to heal!

I promise you- the healing journey, the health journey- it’s more fun than you ever would think. Once you align with the health needs of your body, you will draw in people and situations that will further your evolution on this magnificent planet of ours.




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