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Pause Stop Take A Deep Breath And Lead A Stress Free Life

Posted Oct 03 2012 5:59am
Fast paced life takes a heavy toll on your health and body and stressed life is not heart friendly. Stress increases the cortical in the body and puts one at an increased risk of a heart problem.

Pause Stop Take A Deep Breath And Lead A Stress Free Life There is more to life than increasing its speed, and the best viable option to have a healthy body and stress free mind is to follow the process of -the slow movement, whereby you take a few steps back from the hurdle race and enjoy every movement of your life.

To live a healthy and stress free life the slow movement therapy involves eat sitting down and never eat in the car or en route to your destination. Be careful of what you eat and chew your food and enjoy the process of eating.

Know when your plate is full and do not over eat, and ensure that your diet is nutritious intake of oil is less and reduce consumption of sugar in your diet.

To de stress and for a healthy life slow down your usage for gadgets, mobiles, laptops and engage yourself in a productive activity.

Slow down therapy is to avoid any combat with the clock, hence plan your day and work efficiently and you will not run out of time and be stressed, and your movements will be regularized and steady.

Speed in life ends up slowing us down, because a small hitch or hiccup may stress us so much that we lose our temper, and instead of finding solutions we slow our minds with more problems. It is imperative to control our mind and body at the pace which our body is tuned and not rush against time and have medical repercussions.

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