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Patience, are you there?

Posted Oct 15 2013 10:54am



Patience is a practice.

Patience is a state-of-being.

You don’t get patience – you cultivate patience. And you cultivate patience when you decide to connect with your inner soul sister and talk to her like you would your best friend. You gotta be kind to yourself! 

Today, check the tone of your voice with which you talk to yourself. Check yourself.

Being kinder and gentler with yourself helps you cultivate more patience because patience comes to us when we’re in a peaceful state-of-mind. And you can’t really be peaceful when you’re being a bully to yourself, huh?










Patience, kind inner dialogue really helps you become more willing to follow the guidance that you receive. You’re more focused too, so you can receive the signs with more ease and be more confident in the guidance that you’re receiving. Patience allows you to pay closer attention and see the signs as guide posts for you along your path.

Even when we are listening to the guidance of our inner soul sister, the path may not take the exact shape that you had in mind. It may be a totally different picture than the one you’d painted in your mind. But if you are patient and coming from that place of peace, you can understand that the Universe is working behind the scenes for you. You understand there is a bigger plan in motion and you can guide yourself back into trusting that Divine plan that is laid out for you. That is a true partnership with the Universe. Patience is one of the tickets to being in full partnership with the Universe.

Patience is a practice. To practice patience, be kinder to yourself, meditate, and pray. Not just once a day…as often as you can. These simple tools are the sharpest ones in your spiritual toolbox. Work ‘em. Don’t take them for granted. Use them always! 

Stay lovely,


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