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Past Things, Current Things, and Future Things

Posted Feb 16 2012 1:03pm

I consider last week to have been a blip in my life. It sucked on so many levels which unfortunately all stemmed from a stupid BLISTER. Yep. A blister the size of a golf ball on the bottom of my foot.

I’m pissed that in the grand scheme of things, I let such a small setback cause such a disruptive riff in my life. You see, I am very routine oriented. I thrive that way, and rely heavily on endorphins from running for stress relief. More on that later… in another post ;)

Before the blister, Sam and myself at The Yard House in Dedham a few weeks ago! I <3 Sister time! It's always so grounding and rejuivinating to spend time with my family.

More City Wine Touring ! This was taken at Sibling Rivalry , the second stop on the South End Tou r!

Masa Restaurant is now the final stop on the South End Tour. Andrew met me after my tour a few weeks ago and we had drinks at Masa before heading out to dinner at Gaslight . This was the Spicy Habenero Watermelon Margarita, and it was HOT. I mean seriously hot. The watermelon was a refreshing counterpart :) I ordered a glass of wine and double fisted with this because it was a slooowww sipper.

<3 Gaslight! We ate dinner pretty late and by the time we started we were starving! The restaurant was incredibly busy so I didn't really take any pictures of anything besides the chocolate mousse. I was never really a fan of mousse but ever since I started making my own at home, I am borderline obsessed.

Super Bowl 2012 at Jade’s! Jade made Bello Rolls and delicious chili! We were asked to bring an appetizer so Andrew decided to cook up four packages of bacon to roll in with. Yup, just bacon. I had nothing to do with his spectacular idea. I don’t eat pork, but I thought it was a hilarious and delicious idea for everyone else. Ben enjoyed his bacon crumbled over chili. heh

Bakings: I made a variation of these baked oatmeal cups I found on Pinterest!

Instead of whole eggs I used liquid egg whites, and rather than chocolate chips, I added shredded coconut, walnuts, dried tart cherries, walnuts, and raw cocoa powder gifted to me from the lovely Laurie Cadigan! I think next time I will process half the amount of oats into flour. The have a very subtle sweetness and they have been perfect for breakfasts, crumbled up into Greek yogurt! Andrew even liked them ;)

I also tried to tackle black bean brownies. They have taken over Pinterest and I was determined to find a recipe that jived with all I could ever want in a black bean brownie. So I chose this version from The Happy Herbivore . It incorporated oats, cinnamon, agave and bananas… all seemed perfect for my ‘modern’ taste buds. heh. No such luck :/ I had posted the link on my facebook page and was psyched my friend Melissa also decided to give them a go! I gotta say I agreed with her in that “it seems more like a plate of hot, cinnamon scented, whipped beans than brownies.” Yup.

I ate a few for breakfasts in Greek yogurt and practiced my pathetic food photography skills using them. I need a bigger light box… like way bigger. I haven’t given up on black bean brownies though! I’m sure there are plenty of recipes out there that turn out rich, decadent, brownie fake-outs. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so popular, right?

Other Bitings: Brussels sprouts… I eat them like, pretty much every day so nothing new there. What IS new is that ridiculously delish Jalepeno popcorn in the background! They also have a sea salt and vinegar flavor I have yet to try. A full review coming to you soon ;)

Oh, and Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

This is where we buy our booze. It’s a fun place ;) Other amusing past signage from Sav-Mor :

“Scotch is like candy for Daddies” and “Holidays mean family. We sell liquor.”

More Legal Sea Food dining.

This is for Lexi. My world travelling friend, now living in Australia, who just got accepted to every graduate school she applied for! Hopefully she will be in GA this fall… I plan on visiting! But for now, this is a LSF cajun trout tease for her!

More mousse. It is taking over my life.

Awesome things: Running! My blister is pretty much all healed and thanks to my lovely photographer friend, Steph , I have been using duct tape while I run! I just use a non-stick sterile pad over the blister before I apply the duct tape. Works like a charm. I have been able to get in 4 miles every morning before work and I feel like myself again. More on that too, later.

For your viewing pleasure, a gross running foot taped up in super cool aqua Duct Tape.

Sad things: My Sister Samantha will not be able to run the Hyannis Half Marathon with me. She is training for the Boston Marathon and is in physical therapy for some muscle pain :( Though she could technically run it, she is making the right decision by skipping so she can be 100% for the Boston Marathon! She is running with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society team in honor of our Mother and has put a ton of work into training. She has raised almost $5000! Here is her page :) We were supposed to run our first half marathons together in October but I ended up getting a stress fracture . I was there to cheer her on though! I know it will still be an awesome weekend spent on Cape Cod… it’s going to double as my 30th birthday celebration. I wanted to run my first half the day before I turn 30. A gift to myself ;)

Amazing Book Find: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. It’s spectacular. Truly beautiful. Check out the details and reviews!

Future things: ‘Learning to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and satisfied with being dissatisfied.’ AND decadent ‘Fig Newton’ almond butter snacks (I eat these every damn day… maybe you’ll start to too ;)).

Need a good laugh? Of course you do!! Riiiiiight here . ;)

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