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Party Time Genealogy Assistant

Posted Feb 16 2010 1:16pm
So, Ashalah tweeted about proof reading her cover letters and it reminded me of one of the many times that I applied for a job.

I pride myself on being an awesome proof reader. I know you probably can't tell from my blog...but that is just laziness haha. I was the Editor-In-Chief of my high school yearbook. In college, I worked in the Writing Center editing people's papers all day long. I've helped many people with resumes and cover letters. I have to admit, I've spent A LOT of time on my own stuff and it is pretty awesome.

So, for my job answering phones, I have a lot of free time. I often browse Craigslist in between calls to look for odd jobs that I can do. I'm still in search of a job stuffing envelopes or something that I can do while I'm at work...but no luck so far.

In June, I saw one ad looking for an assistant to research a man's genealogy using I thought to myself "Hell, I have a family tree on ancestry...I can totally do this!" I changed my cover letter and resume for the job and I e-mailed it off. I got a response right away from the guy saying how impressed he was that I put an objective that actually APPLIED to the job that I wanted. I thought, "Wow, some real whackos must be applying for this job on CRAIGSLIST...that's a total must!"

He called me the next day and asked for my name so he could look at my resume while we talked. When I told him my name, he asked if I was a party girl. I was very confused and said "ummm...not really but if that is what you're looking for, then maybe?". He started going on and on about how I just graduated from college and that I must have partying on the brain. In all honestly, I'm NOT a party girl and I finally asked him what he was referring to and he said that my objective on my resume was "To obtain the Party Time Genealogy Assistant Position."

I was completely mortified. However, he said that he wanted to interview me in person because he still liked my resume...despite my typo!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part II: The Interview

Have you ever goofed on a cover letter or resume?
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