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Partner Yoga!

Posted Oct 05 2012 9:55am
I've had a few requests for Partner Yoga and this week my students rocked it together! Please be very aware of your partner in this type of yoga. You will need to constantly talk with each other and go much slower in and out of poses. Oh, and have some fun, too!!

What You'll Need: Like one of my recipes :)
-Two people
-Willingness to hold other person's hand, arm, and touch feet together. 
-Two mats
-The ability to talk to one another and say "stop" when you've reached your comfort stretch. 

Instruction Explanation:
-Inner: When I say inner arm/leg/hand/foot I'm referring to the body part closest to your partner. 
-Outer: When I say outer arm/leg/hand/foot I'm referring to the body part farthest away from your partner. 

What You'll Do:
Easy Cross Legged or Easy Seat; Sit back to back with partner in easy seat or easy cross legged with hands on your knees.
Cat/Cow; Inhale and face away from partner on your mat on all fours. Cat/Cow for 5-6 breaths. Not a partner pose.
Thread the Needle; All fours parallel to partner, reach out and touch finger tips with inner arms, thread outer hand/arm through inner arm reaching for partners hand. Straighten inner leg towards the middle zone and touch pinky toes with partner, heels up towards sky. 
Repeat on other side Downward Facing Dog; Fingers interlaced with partner, help each other use all of hand, including fingertips. Standing Forward Bend; Not a partner pose.  Mountain; Standing, hands pressed against partners, eyes closed, feel each others breath. Palm Presses; Stand facing partner, press your right hand against your partners left pushing your right arm straight, bending their left elbow. Partner does same action on opposite side.  Repeat on other side. Shoulder Opener; Stand facing partner, reach arms out to partner so fingertips just meet. Bend forward from waist and meet your palms with your partner's pressing arms up over head. Keep hips over feet, allow back to sway. Bend knees slightly for variation. Chest Opener; Stand back to back with partner, arms outstretched from shoulders. Gently pull partner's arms torwards you. Wait for partner to indicate when they feel a comfortable stretch; stop and hold. Do this movement very slowly and listen to your partner. Chair Sit; Stand facing partner with arms outstretched, holding partner's elbows. Begin to squat down as if sitting in a chair, knees stay over ankles. Arms will move away from each other, hold wrists or hands.  Warrior II; Inner heels touch, inner toes come away from partners making a "V" with inner feet. Exhale and bend outer knees to 90 degree angle, and inhale arms up, holding inner hands.  Repeat on other side.  Warrior I; Face partner standing in Mountain, about 2-3 feet apart. Step forward with right leg so toes are aligned with partner's heels. Bend right knee to 90 degree angle, knee will touch partner's knee. Step back with opposite leg, reach arms out in front up over head with palms pressing against partner's.  Standing Crescent; Face forward on your mat, inhale arms up over head palms together, exhale and shift hands/arms towards your partner, keep hips over feet. Inhale back to standing and repeat on other side exhaling hands away from partner.  Tree; Stand next to each other with inner hips touching, inhale inner arms up over head (shorter yogi holds taller yogi's arm, wrist, or hand), bring outer foot into tree pose. Outer hands come together at heart center.  Wide Leg Forward Fold; Not a partner pose.  Squat; Not a partner pose.  Boat; Sit facing your partner with knees bent and hip width apart, toes touching your partners. Hands under your shoulders, arms long, fingers pointing towards your partner. Inhale and raise your feet off the mat pressing the souls of your feet against your partner's. Slowly straighten legs into "V" if possible. Listen to your partner.  Wide Leg Seated Fold; Legs are wide with souls of feet pressed against partner's, hold each others arms and take turns inhaling and sitting up and exhaling and folding forward. Go slowly, this is a very deep stretch.  Leg Lifts; Sit facing your partner but off to the side, bring inner hips together and lie down (you will end up with your partner's feet next to your head), inhale legs up to a 90 degree angle. Exhale and lower legs to 60 degrees, hold for 10 breaths. Exhale and lower legs to 30 degrees, hold for 10 breaths. Exhale and lower legs to mat.  Return to your mat. Lumbar Twist; Not a partner pose.  Savasana; Embrace Change; reading from 'Things I Want My Daughters to Know' by Alexandra Stoddard.
Namaste Yogis!!

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