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Part two: Weekend recap (RV)

Posted Aug 23 2013 10:08pm
Home Vacation Part two: Weekend recap (RV)

12 comments Aug 20/13 Vacation, Weekend Recap

Yesterday’s recap left off as my family and I were in an RV on our way to Knoxville, Tennessee.

We made it to our campsite at Big Ridge State Park late Friday night and pretty much went to bed as soon as we arrived.

Big Ridge

Michael slept out in the main area in his pack ‘n play, and MT and I slept in “the grand master bedroom” which was a tiny little room with a full size bed.

It was pretty peaceful back there, but the mattress was anything but comfortable.  It wouldn’t have felt any different to sleep on a stack of lumber at Home Depot.

Miraculously, my back didn’t really hurt at all the next day.

After whipping up a quick and easy breakfast on Saturday morning, we headed off to the flying field.

coffee and oatmeal

It wasn’t quite as easy as it sounds though.

The trip down the mountain from the camp grounds was beautiful, but it was also pretty nauseating to drive on windy roads in a rickety old RV.  And apparently, the navigation system was determined to send us on every narrow unpaved road in Knoxville.

On our way down the mountain, a 16-ounce bottle of water fell off the table and water spilled out all over the floor.  I went in the back as the RV bumped along the road and cleaned it up as best as I could.

Just as I got settled back up front, MT and I heard a big thud in the back.  A gallon-sized jug of water had fallen off the counter, cracked open on the side, and water was gushing all over the back of the RV.  Again.

Once more, I crawled into the back of the moving RV and tried to wipe up all of the water.  During the process, I lost my balance a few times, and the refrigerator door just happened to swing open and hit me in the shoulder.

It was quite a joy.

As soon as I got settled back up front (again), one of the side view mirrors on the RV hit a road sign and nearly scared me half to death.  Luckily, there was no damage, and we approached the flying field just a few seconds later.

flying field

We spent the day hanging out at the field and watching all of the planes.  MT even got to take his planes up in the air about three times.

It is always fun to watch him fly, and not to brag too much, but he is very talented RC pilot. :)


erin and mp


That evening, we did some people watching at the campsite before heading off to bed to sleep on our wooden mattress.


We decided to hit the road early on Sunday morning, but after MT wiped out in the mud outside, the shower overflowed, and I had to wipe up water for the third time, we got a late morning start.

Did I mention that MT had to empty the sewage tank Cousin Eddie style?  He said that it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be, but it did kill his appetite for breakfast.

 The drive home was rainy, scenic, and free of any water spills.


So what did I think of my first RV experience?

Well, nothing beats the comforts of home, and by the end of the weekend, I was dying for my cozy bed and a nice long shower.

Even though I am more of a homebody (or hotel person), I still had an absolute blast on our trip, and we definitely made a lot of memories.

And that’s what it is all about, right? :)


Have you ever taken a trip in an RV? I’d love to hear your experiences!


  1. Sorry to hear about the water and fridge disruptions!!! I’m so a homebody and hotel person, too. I can do the “roughin’ it” but it has to be under extreme conditions (like Australia haha). I’d much rather live in royalty. Too much?? haha At least it sounds like it was a good weekend altogether though!

  2. Not Bad for a 1st time RVer and all that cleaning up does happen and multiple times too! You will laugh for years to come with your memories of your 1st RV trip and a trip that you and your family survived too. I have placed those egg crate mattress tops on top of the camper mattresses for some extra cushion, especially when you sleep for 5+ nights in the camper. I hear you on a hot shower – ha! Happy Tuesday – thanks so much for sharing your experience:)

  3. That Cousin Eddie reference made me laugh … sh*tter was full!

  4. I really love that chambray top on you!!

  5. I’ve never been on an RV trip, but I always thought it would be fun. Not so sure about that now :)

  6. You looked like you had so much fun! I did an RV trip in college and minus the TINY space with 8 girls it was the trip of a lifetime!

    xx Kait

  7. I’ve always wanted to travel the US in a RV so your trip sounds like a blast to me!!

    Oh and can I just say I love the fact that you know who Cousin Eddie is hahaha. I love the Griswolds!!

  1. Things I didn’t share Friday (8/23) | The Grass Skirt - [...] occasion, I couldn’t resist wearing my new necklace with my chambray shirt from J. Crew at the air show ...

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