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Part two: Weekend recap (lots of food & best tweet ever)

Posted Sep 19 2012 10:11pm
Home Entertainment Part two: Weekend recap (lots of food & best tweet ever)

2 comments Sep 17/12 Entertainment, Food, Restaurants


As I mentioned in part one of my weekend recap, this past weekend was all about food.  I mean, you’d think that I was pregnant or something? ;)

After the baby shower, Michael and I went to Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar for dinner.  We chose that restaurant because it’s awesome and because Michael is gluten-free (I swear, I’ll do a post about that soon).

He was able to order a regular burger on a gluten-free bun and even some gluten-free beer.

Our waiter was really helpful during the whole ordering process.  If you or anyone you know has a gluten intolerance/sensitivity, I’d highly recommend Bad Daddy’s.


I ordered a turkey burger on top of a huge salad made up of romaine lettuce, red onions, corn, avocado, red peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, and honey mustard dressing.  (Yes, honey mustard is still on my pregnancy cravings list.)

While we were eating our dinner, Michael asked, “Do you want to go to IHOP for breakfast in the morning?  After breakfast, we can get you a pumpkin latte.  How does that sound?”

Naturally, I told him that it all sounded awesome, and I pretty much had to restrain myself from leaping over the table to give him a giant hug.  He sure does know his pregnant wife.

As planned, we went to IHOP for breakfast the next morning, and I ordered one of their Simple & Fit omelets (yep, still craving eggs too) with a side of fruit.

We heard that IHOP has a gluten-free menu, but every time we’ve asked, we get stared at as though we have ten heads.

Have any of you  seen this mysterious menu?

Anyway, we stopped off at Dunkin Donuts later on, and I got a decaf coffee with one pump of pumpkin flavoring.  Those things are way too delicious.

Later on, we went to The Peach Stand, and I naturally got an apple fritter.

We also got this cocktail sauce for the shrimp that we planned to have as an appetizer before dinner.



Gotta love the name, right?

And while we were cooking our dinner, something wonderful happened…

I got a tweet from my beloved Steve Harvey!

The tweet was in response to one that I sent earlier declaring him the best Family Feud host ever.

Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for Lionel to acknowledge me, but this was pretty cool.


Have you ever gotten a tweet from a celebrity? 

What did you do over the weekend?

Talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Mmm…pumpkin coffee & apple fritters!

    My weekend was great – a 1st birthday party, a wedding reception, and fun at the park with my 2 boys!

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