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Part one: Weekend recap (playdate, brownies, and CPR)

Posted Jul 09 2012 10:09pm
Home Baby Part one: Weekend recap (playdate, brownies, and CPR)

2 comments Jul 09/12 Baby, Pregnancy, Restaurants, Weekend Recap


Happy Monday!

I’m going to split my usual weekend recap post into two separate ones today.  It sure didn’t seem like a lot went on over the weekend, but I guess it did!

Before I begin, I need to flashback to Thursday night when Michael and I had the following conversation:

Michael:  Didn’t your mom give us brownies the other day?

Me:   (pause) Yes, she did.

Michael:   Cool.  Where are they?

Me:   Um…they are kind of gone.

Michael:  All of them?

Me:  (another pause) Yes.

Now in my defense, there were only three brownies…and I am pregnant.  You simply cannot leave brownies in the house unguarded with a pregnant woman around.

Even so, I felt sorry for not sharing them and decided to make some more brownies just for Michael on Friday morning.



The “just for Michael” part didn’t happen, but at least, I didn’t eat all of them this time.

Later that morning, Jen came over with baby Wyatt- the only person who can get away with wearing Clemson apparel in our house.  ;)



Wyatt was so sweet with Lucy and kept reaching out to pet her.

Unfortunately, Lucy was a little bit antisocial that morning.



As always, it was so nice to see both Jen and Wyatt and to catch up.  And Wyatt’s cute little face and bald head make me even more excited about meeting my baby boy!

That evening, Michael and I ate a quick dinner at Harper’s Restaurant.

I ordered a big salad in the hopes that it would keep me full during our three-hour long baby CPR class.

The ginger dressing was delicious!


When we got to the class, we were very pleasantly surprised to find out that it was only an hour and a half long (no clue as to why we both thought it would be three hours…).

The class was very interactive, and all of the students were given dolls to practice on.

Michael got scolded for fidgeting with his doll and spinning it around on its head, but as long as he doesn’t do that with our real baby, I’m cool with it.

After taking that class, I’m super paranoid that our child is going to choke on something.  I can assure you that he will not be eating solid foods until he’s at least eighteen years old.

Of course, I’m kidding (sorta), and I’m really glad that we took the class.  I just hope that we never ever have to put anything we learned into practice.


Do you know CPR?  How about the Heimlich maneuver?

Are there any foods that are unsafe around you if they are in your house?  Aside from brownies, cookies don’t stand a chance around me these days.

I’ll be back later for part two!


  1. Aww yay! Thanks for having us over. If you ever need anyone to watch Lucy, let us know :)

    And now I want brownies!

  2. I have to agree with you that you cannot leave brownies/cookies/pie unguarded around me – ha! Wyatt is getting bigger and glad he liked Lucy even though she was being shy. Happy Monday:)

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