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Part one: Weekend recap (girl time)

Posted Apr 09 2013 10:07pm
Home Weekend Recap Part one: Weekend recap (girl time)

13 comments Apr 08/13 Weekend Recap

I know that I say this after nearly every weekend, but this past weekend was so much fun!

On Friday night, MT stayed home with Michael, so I could meet up with a bunch of fellow mommy friends at The Wine Shop.

It was my first ladies’ night out in a long time.  In fact, it had been so long that just two and a half glasses of wine left me with a hangover that lingered for nearly 24 hours.

Thankfully, my sweet friend Lindsay was kind enough to drive me home.  It’s been a really really long time since I’ve needed a designated driver!


That night, my friend Kirsten and I were reflecting on how much life has changed for us.

Just a few years ago, we were bar hopping Uptown on St. Patrick’s Day (and I was single), and now a couple glasses of wine and a night out that extends past 9 pm can leave us wiped out for an entire day!

I guess that just means we’re grown-ups now. ;)


Despite being a bit under the weather on Saturday morning, Brittney and I met up at Atherton Mill and Market to walk around the farmers market with our little ones.

atherton market


(You can’t really tell by the photo, but the sweet potatoes on the left were mega-sized!)

After picking up a few things (including some Swiss chard, homemade lobster ravioli, normal-sized sweet potatoes, and honey), we went to Luna’s Living Kitchen for some juice.

(Fun fact: Brittney and I met for the very first time a little over two years ago at Luna’s. Oh, memories…)

Both of us love the food there, but we were just not digging our drinks that day.  In fact, Brittney’s reaction to hers had me laughing so hard that I was practically in tears.


We both sat at the table with our drinks as though our mother’s told us that we wouldn’t be allowed to have dessert unless we finished them first.

I thought that Brittney’s juice (which primarily consisted of beets, as you can probably tell by the photo above) could use a little sweetness, so I poured some stevia into it.

Unfortunately, the stevia didn’t help.  At all.

As for my green juice, I’m pretty sure that it was just a really bad choice with my hangover and all because I was able to finish it just fine the next day.  If I ever manage to drink alcohol again, I’ll probably go with something nice and greasy to cure my hangover instead.


When was the last time that you had a ladies’ night out?


(Stay tuned for part two of my weekend recap! Also, it is the last day to enter my NuNaturals giveaway!)

  1. Glad Lindsay was there to help you out ;-) And that you had so much fun!

    I love our Farmer’s Market…I haven’t been in a while though..Need to!

  2. Girl time is the best! And that juice… looks… well, awful. LOL. Glad you had a good time, minus that pesky hangover!

  3. Nothing better than hanging with the girls! Wine hangovers can be rough:( Glad you had a great weekend – Happy Monday – Happy Week:)

  4. Sounds like a great time! Ugh yeah those wine nights can get ya the next day!

  5. lol about your juices – that sucks! But looks like you had a fun weekend regardless. Did you join the CSA? I did one last year – so worth it! Thanks again for stopping by my blog.

    xox Lara

  6. Sounds like such a fun night! I miss girls nights! I haven’t had one in ages. And I’m totally with you, I had a glass of wine with dinner tonight and I feel downright loopy! lol

  7. Wow, I definitely thought those drinks were candles. Either they’re bad, or I need glasses. Or both. Hahah.

  8. It’s so funny how time allows our bodies (& tolerance) to change — its like the universe telling us that our old lives should be left in the past lol

    Glad your weekend was fun!

  1. Part two: Weekend recap (anniversary celebration) | The Grass Skirt - [...] can read part one of my weekend recap here if you missed [...]

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