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Parents encourage kids fitness fun by participating in GoTrybe activities with them

Posted May 18 2009 10:44pm’s online fitness videos provide physical activity opportunities for students in school and families at home

Students who receive GoTrybe memberships through their schools and youth organizations have found that the site is fun to use at home too. Even better … the fitness videos and other interactive wellness content found on provides school-aged children and their families with exciting, interactive physical activity and wellness instruction to use together.
Recently the folks here at GoTrybe received some great feedback from a mother who shares her daughter’s GoTrybe membership and uses it to interact with the dance fitness videos alongside her daughter. Listen to what she told us about their GoTrybe account:
    “There are times when McKayla just wants to escape from her little 3-year old brother and retreat to her bedroom. There she often logs onto GoTrybe and breezes through the health and fitness questions in order to earn points for her Virtual character’s fashion wardrobe. But then there are times when she wants to get up and move. We are fortunate enough to have a larger monitor in the study with enough space in that room for she and I to dance. Embarrassed as she pretends to be while I attempt to follow the moves with the video, I think she likes me dancing along too.”

GoTrybe provides this family and everyone on the site with hip hop dance, zumba, salsa, pilates, sports drills and many other cardio and strength workouts that are age-appropriate and challenging for children (and parents) of all ages. And, as this mother goes on to say,

“For those who can’t afford Wii Fitness or other expensive computer games, GoTrybe is a great! …  it’s fun, and the perfect alternative for when it’s raining outside and all I hear is “I’m bored Momma, what can we play?”

If your child has a GoTrybe membership, log on today and start making fitness fun a family thing! If your child doesn’t have a membership … what are you waiting for? Sign them up today to be a member of the Trybe! And while you’re on GoTrybe, visit the Trybal Elders blog for family meal ideas and current health and fitness news.

And remember … GoTrybe encourages everyone to:

Go get active. Try something new. Be your best!

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