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Paper Heart Wall Collage

Posted Jan 17 2012 8:33am

Craft time!

I hopped onto Pinterest after a long, but necessary hiatus and immediately found a craft to try.

This is the pin I saw:

Source: via Halley on Pinterest

The idea: take strips of cardstock and form hearts, then staple them together to form a garland. That became pinspiration for my own wall collage. I used the same construction method to make the hearts as the pinner, but arranged them directly on the wall.

It is a simple yet versatile decoration idea. Depending how many hearts are made, the collage could take up a large or small space on the wall. The colors can change, too. A mixture of light & dark pink or red & white hearts would look good. I used all rose-colored cardstock.

Paper Heart Wall Collage

Assembly time: 40 minutes | Makes 20 paper hearts


  • 10 sheets of 4 1/4″ x 6″ card stock
  • razor blade / paper cutter
  • metal 1″ wide ruler
  • stapler
  • Scotch tape (invisible recommended)
  • hot glue gun


  • Cut 1″ x 6″wide strips from the card stock, 4 strips per sheet. Use the metal ruler as a cutting guide, scoring the stock 2-3 times to make a clean cut.
  • Take two strips and place them on top of each other. Staple them together 1/4″ away from the end. On the other end, apply a small piece halfway over the edge.
  • Spread the paper strips apart to form the shape of heart. The stapled end is the inner point at the top of the heart.
  • Affix the loose end of the tape to the other strip of paper. Make a neatly sealed point at the bottom of the heart.
  • Repeat with all the strips of cardstock.
  • Use a small dot of hot glue to stick each heart to the wall. Don’t tell your landlord.

Some photos from the play-by-play:

Above: the paper strips ready to be formed into a heart.

Below: paper heart formed and ready for hanging.

I made about 25 hearts when all was said and done.

In all my years of playing with paper and tape, I never thought to make a paper heart this way! I usually do the  standard construction paper heart by folding a sheet in half and cutting one big heart out.

Sticking them all to the wall was fun. I just free-styled the arrangement by clustering some hearts together and spreading the rest out across the wall. Just a little dot of hot glue held the hearts to the wall.

I like the subtle effect the collage gives the wall, and it makes me happy every time I glance up at it.I have packed those 10 or so sheets of rose cardstock along with my office supplies for at least four apartment relocations before finally having a use for them. Don’t you love when the effort of saving something menial (versus ditching it during spring cleaning) pays off in the end?

If I wasn’t living with a boy, I would probably want to double or triple the hearts and add in different colors of pink.

How do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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