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Pam’s Again Faster Photo Shoot!

Posted Feb 02 2013 10:12am

Sometimes all you need is a friend to believe in you. That’s what Dani did for me a few months ago. I got a text from her about something she saw on Facebook. The conversation went like this:



I know you can’t see exactly what Dani is referring to, but it’s a screen shot of Again Faster’s Facebook post looking for “athletes of all types to appear in video and print advertising”. I hadn’t seen the post so I was genuinely surprised and flattered that she thought that I would be a good candidate; I basically laughed it off. After the kids went to bed that night I hopped on Facebook and eventually found the post that Dani had sent to me. I clicked on it and saw that the application was pretty simple. All they wanted was some basic info like name, address, height, weight, eye color, hair color, & they wanted a head shot and a full body shot. Since I had some time to kill and the application was not hard, I decided to fill it out. I figured why not.

A few days later I received an email from a man named David Foster from Again Faster with the subject “Again Faster Modeling”. I almost died. I couldn’t open the email up fast enough and was speechless to read:

Hi Pam,

Thanks very much for submitting your info to Again Faster for modeling. I’m interested in finding out if you are available to model (and workout) tomorrow morning in at CrossFit Providence. We would use your images on the Again Faster website and in social media, and you’d be compensated for your time with an Again Faster gift certificate.

Please let me know if you’re available and interested, and I’ll talk to you about the details.



OMG! Seriously OMG! I literally freaked out. Nothing, I mean nothing, like this has ever happened to me before. Not gonna lie, I applied as sort of a joke. I mean I am 4’11” tall and although I am in shape and fit, I am no


Annie Thorisdottir. I’ve been known to make jokes about being good enough to compete in the CrossFit Games….er…the CrossFit Kids Games. There was no way in hell I thought that I would actually get picked. I was on cloud 9 and off to CrossFit Providence to be photographed while WODing.

I got to Providence a little early and got to watch the WOD that was already going on; hero WOD Jack-20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) of 10 push presses with 85lbs, 10 kettlebell swings with 35lbs, & 10 box jumps with a 20” box I decided to go middle of the road with weight and did 65lbs for the push press and do the rest of the WOD Rx (as prescribed above.) I was instructed to participate in the WOD and pretty much ignore the camera and equipment. I was also told that I might be asked to change my shirt at some point. Hero WOD’s are hard, period. And Jack is no joke. I was able to get in 9 rounds even with one shirt change!

After we were all done and cleaned up, a bunch of us went across the street to get some breakfast. I was starving at this point as I can’t eat much before I exercise and it was pushing lunch time. It was cool to be able to sit and talk to David and his assistant Erica. Turns out, in true RI style, Erica and I have a few friends in common, so we spent breakfast talking about CrossFit and paleo. That’s a pretty good morning in my book!
Someone to believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself is what true friendship is all about. My fondest memories of marathon training were the weekend runs where I would drive to Providence to meet my running buddies. We would talk and run the entire time, and then walk to breakfast for some post-run refueling. That’s also what I love about CrossFit. I get cheered for the most when I am the last one that finishes, not the first. I have so many friends that I have met because we WOD at the same time. Just like I talked about in my Finding Your Exercise Mojo post, you need to figure out what type of an exerciser you are and cater to that.

I had the best experience working for Again Faster as a real world athlete model. I am so proud that my hard work and dedication for fitness was recognized; and it’s pretty cool to consider myself an athlete again! But honestly the best part of the whole thing was realizing that Dani saw something in me that I didn’t. I am so fortunate to have found such a good friend! :-)


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