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Paleo Cinnamon Roll Fail-eo

Posted Dec 07 2012 10:13pm

So….I have been looking for creative ways to use my apple butter that I made this week. I put it on unsweetened pumpkin bread  which was delish! I was suddenly inspired to create a cinnamon roll with this apple butter on the inside!! It was going to be magical. I have attempted it three times and spent over 5 cups of super expensive almond flour trying and am about ready to walk away from the idea of naturally flavored and spiced pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Boo. They taste amazing but don’t look very appealing. At all.

So, I will give you the recipe i like best, but user beware they are not only a pain in the butt to role but also don’t look very pretty. However, the reward of delicious pumpkiny-appley goodness outranks the difficult level. I think I will try making Urban Posers cinnamon rolls and using the apple butter instead of honey mix. Next time….

For the sake of appearances, I will call these….

Pumpkin Apple Butter Rolls


2 cups blanched almond flour (almond meal is fine, but blanched is better!)

1 tbs coconut flour

1/2 tsp baking soda

Pinch of salt

2 eggs

2 tbs coconut oil (don’t use EVOO, yucky taste)

1/4 cup pumpkin (fresh or canned)

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp cloves

1/4 tsp ginger

Apple butter for drizzling on top


Pre-heat oven to 350. Line cookie sheet with parchment paper.

Mix all dry ingredients in one bowl. Mix wet in another. Add them together and mix well.

Here’s comes the fun part! Since these don’t roll very well, I suggest saving yourself the trouble and simply doing a drop biscuit style. Take a spoonful of dough and drop it on your cookie sheet. Drizzle apple butter and bake for 20-23 minutes. Middle will be somewhat squishy but will harden while it cools.

Seriously, let these rest for like ten minutes before devouring. They will be way better if you wait, trust me.

Once they’re cooled a little, drizzle more apple butter all over these bad boys. Eat like crazy. They may not look picturesque, but man are they delicious! I had two of my clients test them and they got a BIG thumbs up!!

Do you have a killer recipe for cinnamon rolls?

Ps, how cute is our tree?

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