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Pain in the Azz

Posted Oct 13 2010 12:49pm

I thought I’d better check in and give a little update on the happenings around here lately.  Sadly, my broken arse is still broken.  Someone please wave your magic wand over me and make me all better.  Please!

Thursday night I went to yoga with the hopes that some good stretching and easy strengthening would help me out…but all it did was hurt more.  Booooo.

Friday morning I sucked it up and went to walk-in to ask for a prescription.  The doctor there suspects that my piriformis issue is actually stemming from my back or my hip joint (which I already kind of knew, but his suggestions made more sense).  He put a referral in for me at the Canadian Back Institute and gave me a prescription for three different drugs.


  1. Muscle Relaxant
  2. Anti-Inflammatory
  3. Pain Killer

I was so excited about this.  But…here we are 5 days later and nothing has changed.  The pain killers do NOTHING for me.  I think the stabbing pain actually starts at my hip joint so I guess the meds don’t deal with that.  I’m not sure if the anti-inflammatory helps…if so, the sharp pain overrides the inflammation.  The muscle relaxant helps because it makes me sleepy so if taken at the right time I can actually sleep a little longer without waking up to pain.

So disappointing. 

Today I’m back to the chiropractor and massage.  Next step will be to try physiotherapy…hopefully next week.  The problem is all of these things cost money so I can’t just pile them all up at once.  Right now I really wish I had a job with medical insurance!

What I wouldn’t give to be able to stand up straight and walk more than 100 feet without struggling!!

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