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Pacific Beach Tattoo Parlor, Toxic Beans, Vegan Vanilla Softserve, Waiting & Patience

Posted Jun 22 2010 9:49am
Hi Bloggies, how are you today?  Did you do anything to Celebrate the Summer Solstice Did you do 108 Sun Salutations like I mentioned is customary in yoga on Solstice days?  I kept a loose count but did about 75.  10 here, 15 there, type of thing.

Skylar was busting out Sun Salutations nonstop yesterday, too.  On the bathroom floor of the gym, no less.  Sanitary, indeed.

 And then she'd take a dancing break
I don't routinely break out my camera in the locker room or anything but it was completely vacant.  Just making note of that.   

However, there are posted signs up that discouraging the use of steroidsOkay, whatever.  Not sure why anyone wants to hit the juice but I don't judge.

But they also have a sign posted about the showers.  That the "showers are there for members to use but that if you were to encounter any inappropriate behavior from others, to let the management know."  What, you mean like horror stories of prison showers?  That kind of inappropriate behavior that you're going to have someone walk in on your in your shower?  Really they need to post that in a woman's locker room?  Ok, it's an urban gym and the PTA Moms are not swinging through, but still.  Good thing I have a greater fear of athlete's foot than being hit on in the showers so I never use them.

From Yesterday...
I'm glad you guys liked the looks of the Cheezy Nacho Hemp Dip

I also edited the post (yesterday, mid-day) and made mention that you can use Cashews in place of Hemp Seeds if you can't find Hemp Seeds or are being budget-conscious because cashews are less expensive than hemp seeds, generally speaking.

And if you want an all around killer dip, make my Kale Chip Coating and use as a Dip!

And if you like Nooch , Try My Nooch Recipes Link for a Dozen More! 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about meditation and what you do to have quiet, calm, centering times in your daily life.

Mostly, thank you So Much for the compliments on the direction I am heading with my tattoo .   Lotus Flowers (Skylar's middle name) and a beautiful, confident, woman are going to make the cut, for sure.
File:Nelumno nucifera open flower - botanic garden adelaide2.jpg

Moving On...
Yesterday we bailed on the idea of beach day with our unschooling friends(If you missed my post on Unschooling and Park Days , Click Here for the Details ) 

We had our weekly "Park Day" meetup at a Beach this week, but it was in the high 60s air temperature with a brisk wind at the shore and I didn't feel like shivering and dealing with post-beach sandy mess for mom to cleanup so we opted for Plan B.    

Not to mention, it's way too cold to swim!  The water is maybe in the low 60s.  Talk about a cold shower!  No Thanks!  Even by summer's end, the peak water temp is in the low 70s.  Major difference between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans that I learned after 5 years on the Carolina Coast to Southern California is the water does not ever get "warm" here.  I like bath water, not an ice-bath!

Anyway, Plan B involved going to Pacific Beach (PB).  PB means more than just the actual beach, but the surrounding area which is lined with bars and restaurants, tshirt shops, used clothing shops, sex toy stores, and tattoo parlors.  I think per capita, San Diego must have more tattoo shops than public libraries!
 The Typhoon Saloon and Dr. Love's Toy Store.  You get the vibe.

They did recently put in a TJ's though

 At night, these streets are lined with drunken youth and shenanigans a-plenty!  Wanna get in a fight, watch a fight, get hit on by drunk 22 year olds, or watch a few people get arrested?  Go to PB!  I don't mean to make it sound awful, but it's where young high school and college kids go to party in San Diego.   And where old ladies like me go tattoo parlor shopping.

I found Guru Tattoo online and paid them a visit
 They were featured in March 2010 Tattoo Magazine which is the largest tat mag

 Need custom wall-art?  These go for around 4 grand.  Yes, $4000.

Skylar has been loving the search for the perfect tattoo artist.  She comes with an helps me look through portfolios and tells me what she likes.  That unschooling life-as-our-classroom thing.  Art class?  Cultural Diversity?  Gym Class because we had to walk many city blocks.  Check, check, and check.

I think I found someone who's work I really like.  I have an email into him to set up a consult.  Consults book out 2-4 weeks.  After the consult, his wait time to be tattooed is about 3-4 months.  The artist I truly want, the shop owner, had a 2 to 2.5 Year wait.  Sorry, not waiting that long!

Green Food: Fresh, Raw Green Beans
Dipped in Homemade Vegan Slaw Dressing using Reduced Fat Veganaise

Interestingly, I was doing some reading online and there is research and anecdotal stories that suggest that one should not eat Raw Green Beans because they may be somewhat toxic when eaten raw.  However, there was no clearcut information.   It seems the jury is still out and plenty of farmers have survived after eating raw green beans in the field.  And I have just eaten plenty and am fine.  Despite the high fiber intake and possibly actually having a food allergy to them, which are other confounding matters. 

However, I think people are talking about the toxic compound lectin phytohaemagglutinin which is present in many varieties of (dry) beans, but is especially concentrated in red kidney beans.  Not green (string) beans.  (see Here for Source)

After all that Toxic Green Veggie Crunching, it was time for something sweet and smooth.  

Remember the Bananas that I said were going to turn into Softserve from This Post ?

Well, they did.  I made a batch of Vegan Vanilla Softserve (I didn't have any chocolate chips on


 Portion into Bowls!

After our busy day and running around, this went down perfectly.
  Click Here for Exact Vegan Vanilla Softserve Recipe Instructions, Blending Tips and Directions

Gym & Weights Workout Today From This Tab : Day 2 Back/Abs

*Last Call...Winner announced Tomorrow Morning!*
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1. Can you handle swimming in cold water?
I would rather not swim than be cold.  Yuck!  I mentioned in my Five Fun Facts Friday Post that I love to Scuba dive .  However, I almost didn't get certified because Scott and I did our certification together in 2004 after newly moving to San Diego, and we had no idea how cold the Pacific Ocean is.  Or how murky it is here.  Complete with 7mm wetsuits, we were still freezing.  Scott almost quit more times than I did!  Anyway, super glad we did it but it reinforced just how much I detest cold water.  Or cold weather, too!

2. Raw Green Beans.  Have you ever heard they were possibly toxic?  Have you eaten raw beans of any variety?  If you have, you're clearly alive to tell the tale.

3. Raw food.  Any foods that you love raw or food that you detest raw?
I am a raw food girl not because I have lofty ideals about enzymes and the food being living and all of that jazz.  I am high raw because I just like raw food.  Nothing more ideological than that!  I like the crunch, crisp, snap, and the flavor of raw foods.  In as close to their natural state as possible works best for me.  I like my Brussels sprouts 95% raw.  Barely take the edge off, maybe steam for 30-45 seconds in the micro.  Most other veggies, raw please.  Potatoes, beets, turnips, and root veggies like that, I do prefer those cooked to tender, though.

4. Public showers.  Yay or nay?
As I said, it has nothing to do with being nude in front of others and everything to do with foot diseases!  I had a planter's wart from showering in 7th grade gym class, and what can I say: never again for me!

5. Waiting.  How good are you at waiting?  Are you patient?
I was not patient, at all, until I became a mother.  I am patient with my child, but I am still not patient with the random stupidity of strangers.  Sorry that sounds so harsh, but I have low tolerance for things or people that waste my time.  i.e. double park in a road and cause a traffic backup or get to the front of long line to pay and not have your credit card and ID organized are things that I have learned to have more patience for, but that innately, it's a challenge for me!  

Waiting 2 years for a tattoo is also not a wait I want to make but that's making a choice to wait or not, rather than the random surprises of life that come our way such as a super loud cell phone talker sits down next to and you can't get up easily.  That's an exercise in patience. 

I am also very goal-oriented and so I can set a goal and although I'd prefer it happen immediately, I can also plan for it and work over the long haul to achieve that which is important to me.  I can "wait" for good things to happen.  That is, I put my time in and make good things happen!

Are you patient?  Can you wait for things? 

Stay Tuned For The Bora Bora Give Away Winner Announcement...
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