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P90X Mid-Program Review and Results

Posted Nov 03 2010 2:59pm

P90X Review and Results Well, I’ve officially passed the half-way mark of the P90X Extreme Home Fitness program. In light of this milestone, I wanted to officially give you a mid-point P90X review. Over the last seven and a half weeks, I’ve come to some conclusions about the program and here is my P90X Review thus far:

  1. Program Comparison: My pre P90X workout regimen included working out six days a week, with my seventh day dedicated to Yoga. The six days consisted of 3 days of 45 minute strength training workouts and 3 days of 35 minutes or so of aerobic exercise (running, elliptical, etc.). I did abs on strength training days and sometimes, when I was inspired to do them, on Cardio days. P90X is similar. However, as I’ve discussed in earlier posts, the P90X premise is “muscle confusion” and as a result, utilizes a wider variety of exercises during the strength training workouts and non-repetitive exercises for the cardio programs (as compared to running on a treadmill).
  2. General Results: My rule is to eat very healthy 85 – 90% of the time and indulge on weekends (85% / 15% rule). Even so, the results I’ve seen are extremely slight. The kind of results that only my husband and I notice when I’m naked. I have a slightly “tighter” look to my physique. My clothes don’t fit too differently, but I do feel as though my tone has slightly increased. NOW, Tony Horton claims that you don’t plateau with this program and that results accelerate, so we will see at the end of the second half where I stand.
  3. Measured Results: To prove how slight my results are, I took my measurements and weighed myself prior to starting the P90X program and compared them with my measurements today:
  4. Weight* 127 126.5 Chest 30″ 29.5″ Waist 28″ 27.5″ Hips 34.5″ 34″ Right Upper Thigh 22″ 21.75″ Left Upper Thigh 22″ 21.5″ Right Mid Thigh 19″ 19″ Left Mid Thigh 19″ 19″ Wrist 6.25″ 6.125″ Neck 12.5″ 12.5″ Right Bicep 10.5″ 10.25″ Left Bicep 10.5″ 10.5″ Right Forearm 9.5″ 9.5″ Left Forearm 9.5″ 9.5″
    Measurement Pre P90X Mid-Program

    * My goal in doing this program isn’t so much to lose weight, but rather to test the theory of “muscle confusion” and its impact on body fat . I presumably have lost a total of 1/2 a pound in weight and 2.6 inches** across my whole body. I don’t think that these results are dramatic at all.

    ** I took these measurements with a tape measure. So, it’s safe to say that human error of +/- 1/4″ is reasonable.

I’ll be anxious to see how the second half of the program goes. Stay tuned!

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