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p90x classic: Week 2

Posted Aug 04 2010 7:00am

As most of you know I have started a full cycle of P90X Classic!  My first week went by fast and left me wanting more.  My focus for the first two weeks of the program was to get into a routine, focus and not burn out.  Once week 3 rolls around I plan on wearing my heart rate monitor and really tracking my burn.  For now I’m just going to stick to learning proper form and staying on the wagon.  

Day 8:  Chest & Back, Ab Ripper


I just can’t seem to get through Ab Ripper X after a full hour workout. 

Perhaps I need to start putting it before the other workout?  I start it with the intention of sticking it out but as soon as I reach the half way point, something in my brain says NO MORE!

Surely I can do this.  I’m convinced that if I do it before the long workout for the day I will be able to get through it. 

As far as Chest and Back goes I felt really good through out.  I feel stronger already and although I didn’t really pay attention to my last week reps I did what I could and felt that my form was better and as an added bonus – I actually increased reps for some of the exercises.

At the end of this workout I’m feeling a bit worn out, but motivated to keep going!

Day 9: Plyometrics

The X in P90X !  Aint that the truth!  

Although my body was feeling a bit tired and sluggish I was able to pick it up and really “Bring It” for this one!

I love this workout!  It’s so intense but so much fun!  The time just flies and I can feel all the good I’m doing my body. 

I can’t wait to slap on my HRM for this one next week! 

I know I must be burning some serious calories!  At least I hope I am!

Day 10:  Arm & Shoulders, Ab Ripper X

I noticed today that I’m really starting to take comfort in the structure of this program.  I enjoy having a strict schedule to follow and I feel motivated to check another day off of my calendar each and every day!

Although I’m still using my 5lb and 10lb weights I felt stronger!  For some of the exercised my reps increased and for some they stayed the same or decreased.  I’m not getting hung up on the numbers or I will lose my motivation.  I just do my very best that day and walk away satisfied. 

I forgot to put Ab Ripper first today and could again only finish a portion of it.  This time I completed about 3/4 of it.  A small improvement.  At this point I’ll take it!

Day 11:  Stretch X

Today I just couldn’t bear the thought of doing Yoga X for an hour and a half so I substituted Stretch X. 

My body needed to rest a little bit and this was a great way to keep my muscles loose and working, without as much intensity. 

I really enjoy Stretch X and think it would be a great addition to any fitness routine!

Day 12:  Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

I finally got thought an entire Ab Ripper session!   When I was getting ready for my vacation back in February I was able to do every single exercise and every single rep.  I even did the difficult versions.  Isn’t it amazing how quickly muscles can weaken when they aren’t engaged?!  I was happy to make it through today! 

On another note,  wall squats killed me again!  Wow those things are difficult.  But obviously very effective! 

I’ve probably notice the biggest difference in my lower body since starting P90X.  My legs feel stronger, and my butt feels like it’s a bit higher and fuller.  Probably wishful thinking at this point.  Either way, my motivation to finish the entire 90 days remains!

Day 13:  Kenpo

I still feel like a complete disaster during Kenpo. 

Today I worked out before work and found that I didn’t push myself as hard as I probably could have. 

This is probably the video I slack the most on because I just can’t get coordinated. 

I make sure I’m sweating like crazy by the end but I’m sure I’m not getting the maximum benefits because my form is terrible.  Oh well.  Something to focus on!

And there it is! 

2 Weeks of P90X complete!   

I feel great!  I even had enough energy to go for a 40 minute trail run on my rest day this week!  I may regret that later.

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