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Overnight oats success!!

Posted Aug 10 2011 6:25pm
Before I get too excited about the overnight oats I made for my boyfriend and I this morning, a quick recap of last night!

I spent most of the day feeling not so hot, and maybe even a little sorry for myself which ended up in a complete meltdown. Nothing the boyfriend couldn't fix. :D

I finally got around to my Insanity workout around 6 p.m...a little too late for my taste, but it had to be done! Even though it was my favorite DVD that I've done in the set so far, it was extremely tough to get through. For the first time in my workout history I felt that throwing up or passing out was a possibility. (Which I've heard of happening to people doing Insanity) I didn't though! And I decided to reward/soothe myself with frozen yogurt afterwards for making it through.

3 flavors, lots of toppings and all I remember is apple pie yogurt and cheesecake bites..mmm

I had a teriyaki stir fry dinner planned for the boys even though they were contemplating getting Chik-fil-a instead. Almost let that one slide. ;)

Sliced chicken breast sauteed in olive oil and Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce with veggies and steamed jasmine rice added in at the end. Doesn't get easier than that!

Now for the oats! Before bed, I wanted to try another round of overnight oats using Katie's method for "voluminous oats".

The first round was an oatmeal volcano explosion. :(
After letting the oatmeal jars sit overnight, they didn't absorb as much liquid as I wanted them to. I like my oats thick and chewy.   So, I solved the problem by adding more oats and microwaving them to perfection!
In the mix for the overnight oats:
-1/2 cup old fashioned oats
-1 1/2 cups water to soak overnight
-Added spoonfuls of oats
-Stevia and sugar to sweeten(Stevia only for me)
-Sliced bananas(mashed banana and choc chips for me)
-Organic nonfat milk on top(Unsweetened almond milk for me)

He took them to-go and actually liked them this time! And naturally I had to taste test them! Have I mentioned I'm a ray of sunshine in the morning? :)
Yes, that's a snuggie around my neck. My oats were much more delicious because I added chocolate chips and almond milk to mine AND used an empty peanut butter jar to eat them out of. 
Melty chocolate and peanut butter goodness.
On tonights schedule is Insanity Pure Cardio and Cardio abs..I've been dreading it all day. :/ Good thing veggies are marinating in the fridge for kabobs tonight! 
P.S. I'm sad I missed out on "What I Ate Wednesday", but it's a little too late to join the party. Next week for sure!
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