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Out with the old and in with the new!

Posted Jan 03 2010 7:34pm

Last day of my fabulous and wonderful vacay. I was lucky enough to get two full weeks off and I enjoyed it to the max. Now time to buckle down and get back to real life tommorrow. Today was so toasty warm out so I ended my vacation by taking a fantastic walk. I just wanted to be outside so I wandered around all afternoon. It was a perfect day.

The morning started off with the usual oats and workouts. My goal has been to expand my workouts and try all new stuff. So after my cardio sesh I hit up a new abs class. It was f-AB-ulous. (couldn't resist) Little sore but doing good. What I love about working out is you can keep the whole ‘out with the old and in with the new’ mantra the whole year! Each day no matter what, you can always hit the gym and sweat out your old self and break in a new healthier version. I love this outlook and being able to start over new and fresh each day.

I was having a BPD (Bottomless Pit Day) Couldn't stop eating everything in site! Which is ok. It happens!

Some of the eats included:


Tons of salads..


And plenty of squash with almond butter.


I also cut up some grapefruit and added some shredded coconut and toasted almond slices on top. It was great. Came in a cracked bowl and everything!


Then came the time to take down the tree. So sad. Its so festive but I knew if it didn't get done now we would have to wait until next weekend. (I’ve mastered the art of procrastination) So down it went! Picture also features some lovely cat tape we have on our couches. Awesome.


And tonight I tried something new (to me) Protein ice cream. Wow is this awesome. I took the basic recipe that the lovely Heather uses. Ice, protein powder, almond milk, stevia, xanthum gum and a dash of cinnamon. It was ssoo tasty. Mine was more runny though, I was hoping for more soft serve so maybe i need more ice? Either way it hit the spot.

The ‘out with the old and in with the new’ is an approach I love to incorporate into my day. I love being able to start my day fresh and new each morning. Its time to kick off the new year healthy, fresh and vibrant!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening!


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chocolate bar give away from the amazing Morgan!!

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