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Our Wedding Shower

Posted Jun 05 2011 11:17pm


Hello Blog!

Long time no see! I have been wanting talk about my wedding shower since the weekend,  but I was waiting on my mom to email me the pictures. I can’t have a post without pictures!

Our wedding shower was on Sunday and it was great! My mother wanted it to be a surprise but it would have been to difficult keeping it from me, so the only think I didn’t know was where it was. I love mystery rides and that was enough of a surprise for me. As we drove I got more and more curious, but once we got off the highway I had it all figured out.  (I’m quick like that). My awesome aunt hosted our shower at her home! I was more that excited. Clearly…

Even though it wasn’t a surprise my crazy family all yelled SURPRISE! anyway.  When we first walked in I was overwhelmed. There were so many people! Well, so many women! Pat’s face says it all.  (“Oh sh*t). He wasn’t as excited as I was.

After making the rounds and saying hello to all our friends and family it was time to eat. My mom, bridesmaids and aunt all made food. There was fruit, chips and dip, salad, quiche, asian salad, pasta salad, deli sandwiches, wraps…

And then there was dessert. Why are there always soo many dessert options? I always want to try everything! There were chocolate covered strawberries, toll house squares, cake, cookies, pastries, whoopie pies, and this…

The Candy Table

My mother when candy crazy! She got all my favorites! Bulls eyes, Canadian mints, after dinner mints, jelly beans, m&ms, and yogurt covered pretzels. Well, the yogurt covered pretzels I had never had before, but they are sooooo good!

Between the main meal and dessert were gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. I could never imagine all the stuff we got. Our friends and family are so generous!

Yup, we all know that box. My face turned the color of a tomato and Pats aunt announced to the room how red my face was as I thanked my cousin.  I should have known, she works at Victoria Secret.

I am so awkward.

Everyone says you are supposed to wait and use all the gifts after the wedding. Superstition I guess. I figured we could wait, not only for the superstition part, but because when we come home from the honeymoon, it’s going to be like, “that’s it? It’s all over?”

Nope! Not over yet, we have all these new thing to open and play with and use for our home! Now we just need the home!


After the party died down, the boys all came by. My dad, brother, cousins and uncles all went golfing and torturer Pat by sending him pictures while they were on the course.

At this point my mother remembered the game she wanted us to play after opening gifts! We each got a white board and had to answer questions to see if we matched. It was pretty funny. Questions like, when and where did you first meet? Where was your first kiss? What is the thing that annoys you the most about the other person? What are you wedding colors? (Pat didn’t know that one).

The game was really fun, but I am glad we waited to play it with a smaller group. It wasn’t as embarrassing and everyone seemed to enjoy it more.

We had such a great time at our shower and it is all thanks to my awesome family! My mother put so much work into it I jokingly called it “her shower”. My Bridesmaids were a huge help. With out them, my gifts wouldn’t have been neatly piled by the door for loading in the car, all the wrapping paper wouldn’t have made it into the trash,  I wouldn’t have a precise list of gifts and their givers and I wouldn’t have an amazing bow boutique to use at the rehearsal! (which shall be revealed when the time comes. It is that good!) My aunts all did so much too. They made tones of food and helped my mom set up. My aunt Janice did the most though! She let us have our shower at her house! I can’t thank her enough. Her home was the perfect setting and just  what I have always imagined.

My family rules.


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