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Our Mind’s Games

Posted Apr 24 2013 6:00am

Our Mind’s Games

by Alyssa on April 24, 2013

The mind plays games with us. 

We allow our mind to make us believe thoughts that have no proof or truth to them. Did she see or hear her friend insulting her behind her back? If we don’t physically see or hear something, there is no proof to make us think this way.

How can we get passed these thought modifications? According to the book, The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali, they are “restrained by practice and non-attachment”.

We can practice by being aware of every single thought that occurs. I am no saint when it comes to this, but I am working on it. We all have work to do inside ourselves. Awareness is the first step. Of course, this is a process that needs to continue being practiced. As time passes, analyzing thoughts will become easier and we will understand the ego better.

Becoming non-attached is something that’s more difficult, at least for me to accomplish. It doesn’t mean being indifferent, but rather going with the flow. Once you are unattached, you can serve others. We truly love giving to others when we have nothing to lose. This is how we find our true selves. This is what makes rich people unhappy and poor people happy. The rich people are often too tied into their desires to ever truly live as themselves, while the poor people are 100% themselves every single day. It’s all that they possess. In reality, it’s all any of us truly possess.

So the next time you think someone is deliberately hurting you, but you have no physical proof, analyze your thoughts and non-attach yourself from the thought. Be present.

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How do you analyze your thoughts?

 Our Minds Games
pixel Our Minds Games
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