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Our email readers give us their immune health 2 cents worth

Posted Jan 05 2011 6:29pm

In the right hand column of this blog you’ll see a convenient sign-up window for receiving a brief monthly email newsletter. It’s called Life in the Balance, sponsored by EpiCor-maker Embria Health Sciences.

We sent a short survey form to the email subscribers last month, asking them to answer 8 questions. We also offered the first 50 respondents a 3-month sample of EpiCor. We got our first 50 within a matter of a few hours. Some of the survey data we gathered is pretty interesting:

  • Over half of the readers take EpiCor. Nearly half take Vitamin C, while one-third take another immune health supplement.
  • 65% say they take immune supplements to help mitigate cold and flu during the winter, while nearly 60% say they take them for general immune support needed for life’s stresses.
  • 62% buy their supplements online; 50% buy them at a retail store.
  • 67% take their immune supplements every day without fail. Yay!! 13% take them once or twice a week.
  • As for other things these people do for immune health, 79% say they eat a healthy diet, 71% say they get 7 or more hours of sleep each night, and 52% say they exercise regularly. 24% say they do stress-relieving activities such as yoga.

Wow! I’m impressed. All in all, that’s a pretty healthy crowd.

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