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Ouch... Ouch... Ow....

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:54pm
Wow. So I predicted I'd be really sore today from my race yesterday, but I didn't realize just HOW sore. I feel like a creaky old lady. I started bouncing down the stairs this morning like I usually do, and immediately STOPPED right after the first step. I then proceeded to hobble down the rest of the stairs, making sure to hold onto the railing. Ha!

Even my upper body hurts! I'm thinking it was from all the pavement pounding. It just jarred everything up, especially since I don't usually run outside (at least not in Arizona).

My calves are also killing, and I've got a mean case of shin splints. But it was worth it! I'm on my second cup of coffee-- it's supposed to help with muscle soreness. I say, I'll try just about anything!

On another note, all my grades have been posted as of today. I got an A in Chemistry, and A's in both Harp Studio and Harp Repertoire. I've got a 3.91 for the term, and a 3.88 overall. I'll take that :D

My breakfast was yummy. I had another pumpkin greek yogurt cereal mess.

It contained:
the rest of the Fage 0% container
Annie's Cocoa and Vanilla Bunnies
Honey Kix
Original Puffins
1/2 sliced banana
Cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice
WF low-fat pumpkin granola
Spoon of PB & Co. White Chocolate PB

I enjoyed it in one of my new bowls I got yesterday from IKEA. I just love pretty dishes.

YES! I just found out that I'll be able to get a massage today at 1! I'm so excited! Well, I've gotta get ready now. Hope you are all having a good Monday :)
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