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Other notable parts of running in 2012...

Posted Feb 04 2013 7:53pm
In my last post I said goodbye to each of the races that made up my Dream Year of Running but there were many other high and low points that were equally memorable parts of the last 12 months...
  • Becoming a member of Half Fanatics .  When you start to get into the habit of running multiples of half marathons in a year, you can become eligible to be inducted into the online group called the Half Fanatics .  I first got in for doing 3 half marathons within 90 days and then got upgraded a level for doing 8-11 half marathons in 365 days. 
  • Hitting the pole .  How can I possibly forget everything that goes along with running head-first into that metal bus stop pole that fateful morning in October?  Probably the most painful, most embarrassing and most talked about running injury I have ever had, I think I will forever be known at Run Club as "the girl who hit the pole".
  • Becoming a FitFluential Ambassador .  Ever since I became active on Twitter I have followed a large number of runners and women who were part of the FitFluential Community.  I loved being able to connect with so many experienced and like-minded people so easily and was thrilled to be let into the family as an Ambassador myself.  
  • Amazing new friendships.  In my last post I mentioned how three of my races from last year lead me not just to running memories but to new friendships as well.  Cori, Jillian and Krista inspire me in so many ways and have encouraged and supported me in far more ways than they probably know - thank you ladies!  I also feel lucky to have connected with my Goof Troop earlier in the year for our training took us over so many long, cold, wet miles, supporting and encouraging each other on the way to such an incredible challenge.  I couldn't have done it without them. 
  • Setting lots of neat records.  In 2012, I set the following personal records, some important, some not but interesting to me nonetheless:
  • Ending the year with all 10 of my toenails in tact!  Back in 2008 and 2009 I had dreadful luck with my toenails - I tried everything in the book but my poor little piggies were always either black, blistering, bruised or gone altogether.  Other than losing my big toenail early in 2012 due to an unfortunate, non-running-related incident in Hawaii , I've still got all my nails and they look pretty good!  I credit this amazing development to switching things up and rotating through several pairs of shoes during my training.
Not the prettiest toes in town
but at least they're all there!
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