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Osteopenia – Treatment For Preventing Bone-Robbing

Posted Dec 06 2010 5:07am

Osteopenia is a situation wherein bone density is to some extent below normal however not to that level of deficiency to be identified as osteoporosis. Osteopenia is a precursor to osteoporosis and when undiagnosed or untreated, it could augment the risk for developing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition when bone thinning and weakening occur thus making people more susceptible to easy rupturing or fractures. Osteopenia detection is easily possible with a bone density test.

Treatment of osteopenia prior to it leading to ruptured bone is as effectual as treatment of hypertension prior to strokes or treating elevated cholesterol prior to heart attacks occurring.

Osteopenia – What causes it?

Usually by thirty years of bone health is at its peak subsequent to which aging-related thinning starts. Females have a greater likelihood of developing osteopenia in comparison to males due to leaner bones. Hormone variations during menopausal phase tend to accelerate bone loss.

Based on bone density measurements & several aspects – like a past case of fractures, pitiable health & agility – females having osteopenia would be at the analogous risk of developing bone rupture as those females having osteoporosis. Females at risk of developing fractured bones require therapy to assist in slackening bone loss or assistance is novel bone formation.

Healthful Lifestyles

The finest cures for osteopenia are incorporating the following habits into daily existence which could also benefit in reducing osteoporosis risk.

    Similar to muscles, bones too develop greater strength when one exercises. The finest option would be weight bearing exercises which force our bodies into working in opposition to gravity like taking walks, climb stairways, dance & workouts using weights. For optimal bone strength one needs a dietetic intake high in the sunshine vitamin, calcium. The best sources of getting calcium comprise of milk products like cheeses, less-fat milk, ice-creams, yoghurts, sardine, salmon, cruciferous veggies like turnip greens, radish, collards, broccoli and tofu. Being exposed to the sun’s rays provides the body with its vitamin D needs. Foods which can provide sufficient vitamin D are grain, milk items, juice, breakfast cereal, yoghurts, margarine with vitamin D fortification, fishes like salmons, tunas, mackerels, cheeses, yellow of eggs, fish liver oil. Smoke cessation along with quitting intake of alcoholic drinks is of utmost importance as study findings reveal a direct association in-between those who smoke & lowered bone density. Smoke cessation would assist in limiting smoking-caused bone loss. Drinkers should make it a point to moderate their intake of alcohol as excess of it could have an interfering effect on calcium balance in one’s body thus affecting vitamin, hormonal manufacture which don a part in optimal bone health. This could also augment risks of falls that could lead to bone breakage. Curbing sodium & caffeine intake since these too might be contributory to depletion of bones & calcium in the body. A healthier alternative would be switching to caffeine-free drinks, checking labelling on food that undergo packaging for salt amount and removing salt shakers from eating areas.
Osteopenia Drug Information

Based on an individual’s condition, especially in case he/she has an existent bone rupture, physicians might give prescription for medicines to lower chances of osteoporosis & additional fracture formations. Drugs generally given to tackle osteopenia or preventing osteoporosis in such situations comprise of:

Calcitonin – It is a hormone which prevents bone from breaking among individuals and even present in salmons. Its generic version as well as brands like Miacalcin, Fortical (jab or nose spray form) is obtainable.

Bisphosphonate – Bisphosphonates are drugs which slacken the innate process which cause bone breakage thus ideal for maintaining or bringing about a slight augment in bone density. These are the key medications employed for osteoporosis prevention & treatment among females in their postmenopause phase. Such category of medications includes:

    Actonel or risedronate. Fosamax or alendronate. Reclast or zolendronic acid. Boniva or ibandronate.

Majority of these drugs are oral administration, generally once in seven days or once per month. Reclast is administered via jab form or nose spray.

HRT – At one point in time HRT is popularly chosen for bone loss prevention though not the case at present ever since it was linked to an augmented risk for pulmonary embolism, DVT (blood clot formations in the legs) among several other conditions.

At times, when HRT has been beneficial for allaying menopausal symptoms, some physicians might advice its continued use for bone loss also. Those pondering over the use of HRT for preventing osteoporosis must discuss with the physician regarding likely risks.

Raloxifene – This bears similarity to the tamoxifen medication used for breast cancer. It might even provide protection from cardiovascular ailment & breast cancers, though additional trials are necessary for substantiating its shielding effects. Orally taken medicine intended for once daily intake.

Innate Osteopenia Treatment Choices

Even though the physician might have recommended medicines in case one has by then experienced bone rupture, there are several nutrient supplement & herb forms which females having osteopenia could start taking for promoting bone strength. The key supplements are the sunshine vitamin (which assists the body in using calcium), calcium (necessary for making bones).

Recommended calcium intake for adults is:

    1000 milligrams per day for women 19 – 50 years of age & 19 to 70 for men. 1200 milligrams per day in case of women in their fifties & males in their seventies.

Though proof is not ample, however several other supplements which could have the potential for strengthening bones are copper, DHA, boron, EPA, DHEA, zinc, silicon, folic acid, B-vitamins, strontium, manganese.

Herb varieties which might be of assistance are horsetail, black cohosh, red clover.

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