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Organizing: Why it’s good for our health & well-being

Posted Aug 30 2012 10:09pm
Home Home Care Organizing: Why it’s good for our health & well-being

5 comments Aug 30/12 Home Care


I’ve always been a pretty neat and organized person, but ever since January of this year, I have been into organizing in a major major way.

I’m basically in serious nesting mode.


(Yes, I am using Big Bird to represent my nesting.  His nest looks clean at least!)


It feels really good to tidy up, get things in order, and make our home run more efficiently before the baby arrives.  In fact, I’ve organized the pantry, linen closets, junk drawer, home office, wrapping paper, my cosmetics, and our warranties and manuals since becoming pregnant.

But being organized is important even for people who are not nesting up a storm.

There’s so much literature out there linking the subjects of clutter and our health, and in my opinion, the connection makes perfect sense.




After all, too much clutter can:

  • Cause stress, anxiety, and frustration
  • Decrease our productivity and waste our time (It’s hard to be productive when you’re constantly searching for things!)
  • Hold us back and prevent us from moving on (Do we really need to keep everything our ex-boyfriends ever gave to us?)
  • Hinder our relationships (Why would your friends and family want to visit if they cannot even find a place to sit down in your home?)



On the flip side, organization can:

  • Bring order to our lives
  • Make us feel good (It’s always a good feeling to donate possessions we don’t need to those who do.)
  • Free up our time (for more enjoyable activities than searching for our keys)
  • Reduce stress and put our minds at ease
  • Save money (If you know what you have and can easily locate it, you won’t waste your money on duplicates.)


There are so many resources, including blogs and videos, that I love when it comes to organizing.  I also have a list of my very gadgets and organizing tools, and I plan to share all of these with you in a fun follow-up post.  Stay tuned!


Are you an organized person?

Do you believe that organization can be good for our health and wellness?


Have a great day!




  1. Organizing is KEY to me staying stress-free. My ability to concentrate goes out the window if I’m trying to work in a cluttered space. I also can’t relax if my surroundings are too “visually stimulating” (aka: a dump). My hubs may or may not think I’m crazy.

    I do know that organizing doesn’t matter for everyone though – my husband is the perfect example. He doesn’t even notice when things are disorganized or all over the place, because he knows at any given time where things are. And he just doesn’t notice messes unless I point it out to him. Sometimes I wish I knew how to tune that stuff out!

  2. We are big on organization and decluttering in our house. The only problem is my husband’s love for technology and that means CHORDS, chords everywhere!! Drives me nuts

    • Haha. My husband is big into technology too, but luckily, he also hates clutter, so he goes to great lengths to hide everything. I’ll have to ask him for his tips to share. ;)

  3. I wish I were more organized. I love the feeling of being organized. “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.” But I’ll admit that it’s the first thing that goes out the window when I get busy. *sigh* I think I’ve been busy for about a year and a half.

    Maybe I’ll get everything in its place now that school is back in . . .

    I will say that it’s so helpful when the baby room is organized. That way you don’t forget to dress them in clothes you have. And you can find sheets easily when you need to change them in the middle of the night. ;)

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