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Organic Vegetable Gardening Guide

Posted Jan 05 2011 5:54am
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There are two organic vegetable gardening concerns common to most sensible people today. Most people want to take reasonable steps to protect their health and also do their part to protect the environment. Organic vegetable gardening is a way to address both issues simultaneously.

Organic vegetable gardening is neither difficult nor expensive. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Organic gardening is a very simple process and does not require any additional expense. All you need are your basic gardening tools and supplies.

An essential part of organic gardening is compost. Not only will compost eliminate the need to buy costly products, it is also rather easy to make your own. Whether you have a home with a large yard, or a small area in your apartment, there is space to make compost. All you have to do is make a point of depositing your all-natural products into the compost. Banana peels and other food products make excellent compost. As each item disintegrates, the compost becomes filled with its nutrients. When you are ready to begin your garden, it is an ideal source of nutrition for your plants and seeds. You may be surprised to see how nicely your garden grows when you use all-natural, organic

If you have had gardens in the past, you were probably bothered by pests. Resorting to chemical insecticides is not the answer. You can make an organic alternative, so your garden will be free from pests without using any harmful chemicals. Sprays made from salt water or tobacco and water are two options. Your plants will not be ruined by insects if you apply them regularly. As these sprays are completely natural, there is nothing to harm your plants.

Organic gardening is best for your health. While small children, elderly persons, and people with immune-deficiency problems are most at risk from chemicals on their food, ingesting chemicals is not healthy for anyone. When you choose organic gardening, you are taking a positive step toward good health.

It is also the best option for the environment. Insecticides and other chemical compounds are harmful to every aspect of the environment. These compounds are absorbed into the soil, find their way into nearby waterways, and are released into the air. Avoiding toxic chemicals is essential for keeping the environment clean and healthy.

Whether you are thinking of planting a huge vegetable garden, or only a few of your favorites, organic gardening is the best way to go about it. If your health and the environment are not reasons enough to make this decision, there is another reason organic is preferable. The vegetables you grow will taste much better. When you use only natural products in your gardening, every vegetable you eat will taste fresh and delicious. The full flavor will come through with every bite. Even if you are thinking about how healthy organically-grown vegetables are for your family, they will surely notice the difference in taste. Between the healthful quality of organic vegetables and the delightful flavor they provide, opting for organic gardening is a decision everyone will appreciate.

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