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Organic Gardening: Taking care of the Soil

Posted Oct 26 2010 3:10am
Home Composting, Roubaix, France

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Although organic gardening applies to all types of plants, most often whenever you say natural gardening products, the first issues that come to mind are vegetables as well as fruits. But, getting products the natural way also cover other plants like ornamental as well as flowery plants. Regardless if growing vegetables, flowers, or even fruits, people are trying to take the advantages of the natural way.

Natural gardening is a science. It is not just merely planting the seeds as well as waiting for the plants to develop, Flowers or bear fruits. The process involves careful planning since natural gardening follows the normal principles of nature in soil cultivation, managing pests, and propagating vegetation. To succeed in organic gardening, we need to keep the soil healthy. You can’t use chemical fertilizers since long use of such fertilizers damages the natural components of the soil.

Composting is an important component of natural gardening. Composts have various benefits for our plants. One, it to provide the needed nutrients and also improve the overall soil constitution. Second, the compost can assist the earth retain much more water which ends up in much less time spraying the garden with a backyard hose.

Aside from proper soil cultivation, the issue that is dreaded by most growers is pest control . From flying to crawling, from walking to boring, managing pests is an important key in maintaining a wholesome organic backyard. Natural pest control options will be posted in a future post. Stay tuned.

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