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Orexis Penis Enlargement Pills Review

Posted Sep 27 2010 9:07am 1 Comment

< p>What is Orexis?

Orexis is an all organic Penile enhancement pill with Immediate & Lasting effects. Orexis is one of the latest on the market which makes the claims of providing endurance, size and pleasure control. Orexis is a penile enhancement supplement that states increase sex drive and stamina, as well as make larger and longer-lasting erections and control over orgasms.

Orexis Details

Men all over the world want to improve their heightened sexual performance. What man wouldn’t want their lover to be proud and desire to sleep with him? Now she will. Really, lack of physical erection size or sexual potency can ruin what could and may be a successful like life. Have you wondered how your bedroom partner would feel and reckon about you if the erection was long-lasting and larger each time you are making like? Would you like to have advanced control over your orgasm release so that she really is satisfied every time you’re making like? Now you can. Orexis is an awesome answer for just about any man who needs to enhance his erection size, sexual performance and desire straight away.  It’s simple: Orexis will improve your sexual performance through longer, firmer erection size, increased libido and enhanced orgasm control. The typical Orexis user receives a 21% increase in penis size during his erection. This benefit alone can alter your sex life forever. But, Orexis will even immediately enhance your sexual appetite, and can ALSO enhance your own pleasure and gratifaction during intercourse starting initially you are taking it. Many people believe the penis is a muscle. If the penis were a muscle – you would be able to strengthen and boost the stamina of the muscle through exercising it. This can be a quite typical misunderstanding – The Penis isn’t a Muscle. It is certainly an organ in which the size and firmness of the erection is determined by the quantity of blood that flows into this organ during arousal. Orexis works so well happens because the carefully extracted ingredients focus on releasing and pushing powerful amounts of blood circulation into the corpora cavernosa when you’re stimulated. The proprietary blend of Ingredients of orexis pump these chambers so full that the erection produced is really a much larger, harder and sustained penis. With continuous technique Orexis program, the erectile chambers should be able to expand and provide you with a larger and fuller erection each time you are aroused. The heightened firmness of the penis during your erection makes an elevated sensitivity which will offer you an extended pleasure zone. This new pleasure zone increases your own sexual satisfaction and the strength of your orgasm. You will also learn that you convey more power over your orgasms. This means that you are able to control your ejaculation release more effectively, enabling you to certainly satisfy your sexual partner more confidently.


Orexis certainly contains many potent herbs such as Tribulus extract, Epimedium or Horny Goat Weeds. The only concern we have is with Yohimbe. Yohimbe is a highly potent penis enlargement herbs, it work fantastic to fight male sexual problems. But the problem with Yohimbe is the fact that long term use of yohimbe may cause nasty side effects for instance heart palpitation, excitation and insomnia. In addition, the truth that Orexis is also one of the quick acting pills and might not be suitable for individuals with heart disease, and hypertension.

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Penis Extender - Just wanted to write and say that I'm VERY satisfied with my purchase.
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