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Orange County Surgical Vision Correction

Posted Jul 29 2011 3:06am
Laser Eye Surgeon Orange County
My vision correction needs begun in my early teenage years, not realizing I had blurry vision until I visited an optometrist who helped me see things clearly, literally. Ever since, I have visited my optometrist yearly, and through rounds of eye glasses I then graduated to contact lenses. As an active individual I felt that eye glasses got in the way of my lifestyle so I tried the “convenience” of contact lenses. Although contact lenses are more convenient than eye glasses, I still found myself struggling with dry eyes and the constant expense of contact lenses and eye glasses due to changing prescriptions or losing my contact lenses and eye glasses. I had heard about laser vision correction previously so decided to contact a friend about their experience. My friend explained that with a Laser Eye Surgeon Orange County residents are able to receive permanent vision correction that eliminated the need for contact lenses or eye glasses.

Upon my visit to a Laser Eye Surgeon or “Lasik” Surgeon, the surgeon explained to me that with Lasik Surgery Orange County residents were able to live with hassle-free vision correction. He also explained to me that many patients received results of 20/20 vision or better. Because the procedure’s results are permanent, over the course of time, the procedure pays for itself as over a lifetime the expense of contact lenses and corrective glasses costs more than a Lasik procedure.

I began to talk to the eye surgeon about cataracts as my mother had cataracts and I wanted to seek more information on a treatment. Cataracts refer to the clouding of a lens, interrupting clear vision. He mentioned that for Cataract Orange County patients saw him often and he treated them on a regular basis. Effects of cataracts include blurred vision, double-vision in one eye, poor night vision, and the need for better lighting when reading, among other things. In Orange County Cataract Surgery is common, and the most effective way of treating cataracts. During the surgery, an incision is made in the eye; the cloudy lens is broken up, removed, and replaced with an “IOL” or intraocular lens and set into permanent position. It is up to an eye surgeon to decide which lens may be inserted as there are multiple lenses that may be inserted during a cataract surgery.
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