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Operation Post Baby Body

Posted May 23 2011 4:00am

Good morning, friends. How was everyone’s weekend?? Mine was swell. Friday I didn’t feel great. It’s been a day to day thing with me. Thursday I would say I was feeling about 80%…and of course I did too much, including staying up late to pre-write my Friday post. By early AM I was paying for it…and with Ella’s fussyness lately and wanting to be held constantly (not just held, but placed over the shoulder and walked) I knew I needed help. Good news…I am feeling SO SO SO much better since. I haven’t had much pain in a couple days and I am really starting to feel like myself again.


It was a bummer that I wasn’t feeling great and haven’t got the pumping down yet because I missed a great game on Friday. I got these tickets for Michael and I over Xmas and was really looking forward to going (thinking Ella would be born before or around her due date…not late). Michael took his brother :(   I stayed home but he was so kind to send me a pic from their seats. Best seats he ever sat in; dangerous foul ball territory:

Saturday night we ventured over to the King of Prussia mall. We had some gift certificates to a few stores burning a hole in our wallets and I just REALLY needed to get out of the house. Ella ate a few times before we left…. like RIGHT before we left. Then, she had a meltdown once we arrived and I fed her in the parking lot for about 22 minutes (we don’t live far). She was GREAT in the mall for a few hours after all that stockpiling.

For dinner I had my heart set on a salad from Seasons 52, and Michael was set on Maggianos (ick). We were going to pick up from both places and take home but we were STARVING when we got there and couldn’t wait that long to eat so it was a mediocre Bistro Grill salad from the food court for din.

Yesterday we ventured out again to Whole Foods. I did a big shopping trip for OPBB. Not that I don’t shop this way usually, but I really focused on buying a lot items to incorporate more raw foods and other healthy dishes since it’s that time of year again!

Time to whip out my spiralizer

looking forward to making some zuke pasta and salads!



Hopefully Ella lets me put her down long enough to prepare all the things I plan to make.

Like the HUGE bunches of Kale I bought to make Baked Kale chips to snack on:

no dehydrator :( but I plan on trying to make them at a really low heat next time. My method is really good  so I am not sure if I am going to mess with it.


There is no working out for 6 weeks.. Doctors orders. Not that I have even felt up to it at all. I have been more sedentary these past 2 1/2 weeks than I have ever been in my life. I mean, I was walking/ working out up until a day before Ella was born. It hasn’t gotten to me yet though. I couldn’t even think about working out in my condition. However…now that I am feeling better I am thinking about it again. Only a few more weeks and hopefully I will be back to my fitness ;-) For now…to start my OPBB I need to focus on DIET!

This means...


NO SUGAR. More fresh produce. More lean protein.

I always say I am not into cleansing or detoxing…however, there is nothing wrong with a sugar detox. I am thinking about doing it. The end of my pregnancy I got a little more lax with the sweets and treats. I was still eating pretty healthy…just “living” a little more. Transitioning from that to not being pregnant (and breastfeeding with just as much of an appetite) can be tough. My only savior is that she doesn’t really give me a lot of time to eat. That’s good and bad. Good, if I have the healthy things to grab and eat…bad if I DON’T have time to prep and opt for someone else to bring me food that isn’t necessary “bad” (I use that term because it’s easy but I hate referring to food as bad)–however preparing it myself it the best option.

So enough blabbering to cut to the chase


I want to know WHO’s done a sugar detox, who’s doing one and who wants in if not??


Maybe we can do it together? I am talking added sugars. I am not going to cut out fruit, I also don’t think I can cut out my whole wheat English muffins because they keep me satisfied when I eat them with tuna or egg whites.

I am not really following anything from a book–was thinking of doing my own thing…cause that’s how I roll ;-)

The question is…do I cut out plain coconut yogurt (very low in sugar) when I have a sweet tooth?

minus the pumpkin flax cereal even though I love the crunch


Can I do this full fledged while breastfeeding?


We will discuss.


For now those are my random thoughts on the subject.


I will have more of a structured plan when I don’t have to type and breastfeed and burp a baby at the same time :/


Tomorrow...come back and see my POST-PREGNANCY BOD pics.


Micheal took them on Saturday for me. Eeek!! So nervous about posting them…me in a bikini 11 days after having a baby. Courage.


also…Wednesday I have an amazing giveaway for you guys!


For now..I need to go tend to a fussy, yet adorable little newborn.








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